Carry On Sargeant film, Bob Monkhouse (holding rifle and William Hartnell in a scene

63 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. Bloody Queen… if I have to put up with this loudmouth, at least they could have given me an M1 Garand. Wankers.

  2. “Damn it Ramsbottom, pick up the pace! I swear if every Brit was as hopeless as you, the enemy could just WALK over here and rape our women…”

  3. Ya see private. It’s just like a girl. Just because you can put your hands on it doesn’t mean you know how to work it!

  4. (Thought bubble) “Don’t jam this bayonet down the drill instructor’s throat… Don’t jam….”

    PS TTAG. I just had a pop up ad that took over my web browser.

  5. I just realized that the old British helmet covers just as much of the head as our newest version does. Interesting.

  6. They’re right there! On the left! Now there are two on the right! Way to go genius, if I were playing I could have gotten that guy.


  7. The rotund soldier on the left looks familiar, I didn’t know Oliver Hardy (from “Laurel and Hardy”) was “British”.

  8. I say, old boy! If you don’t get a move on those trousers, I’m afraid I’ll be forced to catawhop your mimbly buttahwhip, wot!

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