Indian Knife Massacre: Only the US Has the Kind of Mass Murders That Embarrass President Obama


“Hasnin Anwar Warekar drugged his wife, children and parents and then slit their throats at a party on Saturday evening before hanging himself, according to reports.” Fourteen of them in Thane, India. A mass murder by any definition. Only it didn’t happen. It simply couldn’t have. Because President Obama himself — the leader of the free world — has taken precious time away from the links to tell us just how unique we are in this. That mass killings don’t happen in other countries as they do here. Since other, more enlightened nations . . .

such as India, China, France, the UKAustralia and even Canada have enacted much more strict, common sense regulatory limits (or outright prohibitions) on civilian gun ownership than we have here in the fifty-seven states, they don’t have to worry about this kind of widespread carnage. Something obviously must be done.

We need stricter gun control laws, of course, but rearranging the legislative and administrative deck chairs won’t be enough to achieve the kind of reduction in gun violence and civilian firearms ownership this country so sorely needs. No, America’s problems can only really be fixed through a fundamental transformation of our society. No, it won’t be easy, but with the best strategies and right people to implement them, there’s no quest that, together, it’s something we can do.