Lots of self-described IT professionals are packing heat, it seems. Good to see. This case, the venerable M&P Shield in a MultiHolsters FOMI rig. We’re big fans of that Spyderco Sage, too. Check out the rest of BHood83’s gear at Everyday Carry.

13 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: BHood83

    • This! Wow the contents of some guy’s pockets. Lemme guess, car keys, a knife, flashlight and a small plastic gun. Surprised how common EDC multitool carry is, but whatever.

  1. Why are everyone else’s EDCs so much more coordinated than mine? Did I miss the Fashion Week issue of American Rifleman?

  2. Wow. I roll with the same leatherman, same iphone, same phone case, wallet looks about the same and up until a few months ago I had a shield. Setup approved.

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