A Quick Stop to Check out Team Wendy Helmets


Given that my background is in the motorycycle industry, and I count myself as one of the statistics that make up the “Helmets Save Lives” campaign, I’m always interested in ways to protect my melon. Unfortunately, the gun industry doesn’t lend itself to the noggin protection game very easily. In fact, most helmets exist more to hang lights, and night vision equipment off of than anything else. Given their position in the market, I made a special trip over to the Team Wendy booth . . .


Team Wendy offers several helmets for the discerning buyer. They have everything from the pedestrian Exfil SAR Backcountry ($180) to the Exfil Ballistic which will set you back nearly a grand when the dust settles.


As a person who only owns one pair of FDE pants, I’m not exactly the target market. Given the number of people I saw with LEO and .mil markings on their badges, I’d venture to guess that Team Wendy isn’t that concerned about that either.

As a hunter, I’m most attracted to the ~$300 SAR Tactical which allows plenty of protection for my squishy grey matter, but also the ability to mount a set of night vision goggles, a light, and some hearing protection. As I venture further down the path towards hunting with night vision for pigs, a helmet based system for holding the NVGs and my ear protection while also protecting me from errant branches, and falls seems like a decent way to go.