Gun Hero of the Day: Chloë Grace Moretz?

I had to wikipedia this young lady. I hope it didn’t hurt, because I like her. But I’m not so sure Chloë Grace Moretz is the best person to represent safe and responsible gun ownership. Her reference to “clips,” her inability to ID a pistol’s slide (go figure), and her decision to put a .45 and a shotgun in […]

Danish Girl Arrested for Pepper-Spraying Molester

“A Danish teenager who was sexually assaulted near a migrant asylum centre has been told she will be prosecuted after using pepper spray to fend off her attacker,” reports, dancing around the attacker’s immigration status/religious affiliation. “The 17-year-old told police she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by an English-speaking man, who knocked her to the ground […]

Gun Control Backer George Soros Banks Big Bucks From Guns and Ammo

It takes a Russian TV channel to expose anti-ballistic billionaire George Soros’ firearms and ammo-related investments? Da! Unfortunately, the preternaturally perky presenter believes that “both sides” of the gun control issue are “idiots.” We’re talking ’bout “the stupidity that is guns in America.” Apparently, American gun owners are being played by our capitalist overlords. Who knew?

50 Most Homicidal Cities in the World. Where’s Chicago?

“The 50 most dangerous cities in the world have been named and shamed, and an astonishing 21 of them are in Brazil,” observes. [Full list after the jump.] “Latin America features highly in the ranking, released by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, home to some 41 of the cities listed.” […]

Question of the Day: What Are the Five Tenets of Firearms Freedom?

“The antigun organizations, and many lower courts amenable to their views, resist Heller and McDonald, and continue to advance strategies altogether inconsistent with the High Court’s holdings,” Attorney Roger J. Katz writes at “The arguments – actually rationalizations – for more and more restrictive gun measures may be distilled to the following . . .

Police Thwart Terrorist Attack on Disneyland Paris

“A man carrying two guns has been arrested at Euro Disney,” reports. “Police have detained the armed man, aged 28, in Seine-et-Marne near Paris. His firearms, thought to be handguns, were concealed in a bag. Security staff alerted police at around midday after the man’s weapons were picked up as he walked through an X-ray scanner while […]