New From Ralston Arms: Scavenger 6 Survival Rifle

Tim Ralston has been the subject of a handful of Discovery Channel and History Channels spots, and was the inventor of the Chiappa X-Caliber as well as other firearms. His niche is survival or “bug out,” and the ability to scavenge ammo is a top priority. The most common feedback from X-Caliber fans was “make it multi-shot!” In answer, Tim presents the Scavenger 6. It’s a rifle that can fire 21 different calibers and swap between them in seconds . . .

The cylinder of this revolver is also a 7″ barrel — a cylinder-barrel or what Ralston Armory is calling a “CB.” Six-shot cylinders are available in 21 calibers. Actually, 23 if you count .45 Colt / .410 gauge and .38 Special / .357 Magnum as two each. 24 calibers if the .44 Magnum cylinder accepts .44 Special, which I assume it would.


In addition to that, there are three, multi-caliber CBs that each shoot six or more different calibers. For instance, the “Survival CB” fires .22, .38/.357, .45 Colt/.410, .223/5.56, 9mm, and .45 ACP. In this case, it’s one shot for each caliber. It would definitely be an interesting experience to load it up with one of each, though, and fire through all six rounds!


The Scavenger 6 is in the early prototyping phase, but TTAG will try to keep an eye on its progress. We’ve invited Tim to pen some updates and give us a bit of a sneak peak into the development and trials process ahead of full production.