Zenith Firearms Now Shipping MP5 Rifle


Zenith Firearms is the American importer of MKe’s MP5 firearms. They’ve been very successful with their pistol line of MP5K firearms, but they’ve been wanting to expand into the rifle lines as well. There has been a Z5 Rifle on the books with a restricted 10 round magazine for some time, but Zenith has started producing enough of the parts for their Z5 line that they can meet 922(R) compliance and sell the rifles with 30 round magazines. Now they’ve got a new rifle that takes advantage of that compliance with some cool features . . .


The rifle sports a 16 inch barrel with a 3 lug adapter on the end and a picatinny rail for the forend. There’s a collapsible stock on the rear with both an “open” and “closed” position. Some might be tempted to buy one of these guys and SBR it, but that’s probably the wrong way to do it — removing the barrel is damn near impossible, and re-timing it once the length has been chopped is a chore and a half. Better to just buy the pistol and SBR it from that state.

MKE makes some good stuff. The Z5 series is a solid line of guns, and this one feels and shoots exactly like the rest of the line. If you’re looking for a nifty 9mm carbine then this is definitely worth a look.