New from FN: FN-15 Pistol


It seems like FN tried to pull a bit of a fast one. They already have a comprehensive lineup of semi-automatic FN-15 rifles, but they have just added a new (small) addition without any fanfare or press release. The FN-15 Pistol is a short barreled firearm with a pistol tube on the rear, available as a Title 1 firearm to American citizens with little more than a NICS check. This would be perfect for DIY Form 1 SBR for those who are so inclined to have one straight from FN’s own factory.


The gun will be available in two barrel lengths (10 and 12 inch) and two calibers (5.56 and 300 BLK) using barrels from FN’s famed barrel; manufacturing facility. It’s a pretty sweet setup, but there’s no additional information available at this time.