Brethren Armament Fixes the MP5 Trigger Pack, Now Takes AR-15 Trigger, Safety, and Grip


The MP5 trigger pack is one of the most disappointing things ever. The trigger is thick and heavy. The grip is fixed and non changeable. And worst of all the design means that everyone with the exception of hickok45 is unable to reach the magazine release button with their trigger finger. Brethren Armament has been slowly bringing the MP5 into the 21st century. Their latest accomplishment is creating a trigger pack that gives MP5 shooters a ton more options and vastly improves the ergonomics of the gun.

Brethren Armament started by simply making a trigger pack that took AR-15 parts. From the grip to the safety and even the trigger itself, the housing allows you to use your favorite parts on the iconic tutonic phenomenon. This greatly improves the trigger feel and also allows for more ergonomic grips to be used.

While that’s all well and good, the real closer here is that they moved the whole thing forward. Instead of needing to change your grip to drop the magazine you can now just hit it with your trigger finger like any other modern semi-auto rifle.

That’s really cool. I can’t wait to see the finished production version.