VA GOP Trades Reciprocity Restoration for Disarming Domestic Abusers, Gun Show Background Checks

By James England via Governor Terry McAuliffe has struck a deal with Virginia Republicans. In exchange for calling off his dog, Attorney General Attorney General Mark R. Herring, who unilaterally ended a majority of the state’s concealed carry reciprocity agreements, Republicans will allow a bill to pass the House and Senate which will enable the state […]

New From Winchester: M-22 Subsonic .22LR Ammunition

This year’s SHOT Show, as always, featured virtually everything the most ardent gun guy or gal could want where things that go bang are concerned. And maybe it’s just us, but it certainly seemed that suppressors were more prominently featured at this year’s show. Just check out Tyler’s silencer-centric coverage and see for yourself. One […]

Wait, You Mean We Can’t Buy Fully Automatic Weapons Without a Background Check?

Screw the ACORN exposés and the Planned Parenthood sting operations, someone’s finally doing some important investigative journalism. Check out Steven Crowder as he goes undercover to blow the lid off of America’s shamefully lax gun laws. This conspicuous lack of common sense regulation allows just about anyone to, in the words of President Hopenchange . . .