Gun Review: Henry Repeating Arms .30/30

When I found out that RF had purchased a few lever guns, consummating his love affair with the cowboy classic, I considered it a grand sign and a symbol of his budding Texania. That’s a verbose way of saying it put a big ol’ smile on my face. I grew up with a Winchester Model […]

Any Day Spent Hunting Beats a Day at the Office

A few months ago Cody Hirt, the founder of Veteran Outdoors, told me he had a problem. A large male Catalina ram has been destroying fences and property. Worse, the big goat had no fear of humans; it regularly attacked people on the property. An aggressive ram, even a small one at 100 lbs., will absolutely ruin your day. […]

Gear Review: America Grip Tool Grip

I recently received an unsolicited product for review, the America Grip Tool Grip AR rail cover. The owner of the company and I were discussing products over lunch and he described his invention, a rail cover with built-in tools. I don’t use rail covers and the only tools I use often with my ARs are […]