Congrats to @kedge14, who submitted the photo above under the tag #mantelgunttag and won our first Instagram contest. For his efforts he’ll be receiving the muzzle device of his choice from a long list of options, plus some TTAG schwag from our pro shop. The mantel gun honorable mention photos (plus the example ones I took) follow. . .

mantelgun1mantelgun2 mantelgun20 mantelgun19 mantelgun18 mantelgun17 mantelgun16 mantelgun15 mantelgun14 mantelgun13 mantelgun12 mantelgun11 mantelgun10 mantelgun9 mantelgun8 mantelgun7 mantelgun6 mantelgun5 mantelgun4 mantelgun3

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21 Responses to TTAG’s Mantel Gun Instagram Contest Has a Winner

  1. Word of advice for future contests, guys. EBR’s are not mantle guns. If it ain’t sporting wood and steel it ‘s just tupperware.

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