2015 TTAG Reader’s Choice for Best New Ammo: Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense Ammunition


Every year we here at TTAG try to review what’s new and cool in the firearms industry. We try to expose y’all to the best (and the worst) the firearms manufacturing world is producing and let you make your own decisions about what’s awesome and what’s awful. That collective sentiment is expressed in our annual Reader’s Choice Awards, where thousands of you tell us which products you liked best. We completely neglected the Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense ammunition this past year, but it seems that you didn’t . . .

And as a result, Lehigh Defense walked away with a whopping win for Xtreme Defense ammo, with three times the votes of the next most popular choice. We’ll be passing your kudos along to the folks at Lehigh Defense at the 2016 SHOT Show.