New From Ruger: The Ruger American Pistol

Ruger’s dropped the veil on their new not-so-secret-any-more duty-size gun, the Ruger American. First a dealer leaked pics of the new gun. Now, when you go to, you get a dramatic video intro-ing the new, fully ambidextrous challenger to the likes of the M&P, GLOCKs, the XD, etc. Surprising no one at all, the first calibers […]

Some Good News on Gun-Related Legislation

Reader Adam S. writes: There has been lots of talk of possible gun bans, 2A-violating laws, and executive orders since the unfortunate incident in San Bernardino. Incidents like that always make people skittish. Will our rights be revoked? Are more attacks coming? Panic buying hasn’t ensued as it did after the Sandy Hook tragedy in […]