Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: I Can Create Consensus on Gun Control, Including An Assault Weapons Ban

Thanks to MSNBC, we learn that Presidential hopeful and self-professed gun control moderate Bernie Sanders wants to ban “weapons designed solely to kill people.” So AR-style rifles are safe! After all, you can use them to hunt, shoot at paper targets and cook bacon. So that means Senator Sanders wants to ban … thermite grenades? I guess the fact that you can use a thermite grenade to light a gas grill doesn’t figure. Either that or the word “consensus” doesn’t mean what Bernie thinks it means. Meanwhile, I’d like to know . . .

how many hunters take a train from Vermont to the mid-west? A horse and buggy would be faster.


Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow tells Bernie that a train passenger has access to their gun on an Amtrak train. Nope. It has to be inside checked baggage. And you have to inform Amtrak’s hugely efficient staff that you’re traveling with a firearm 24 hours before you go. Because guns.

Obviously Bernie doesn’t know that, or much else about guns. But he should know that President Obama signed the law that enabled gun owners to check their guns onto trains. I wonder what Maddow would have made of that.

Still, there’s reason for pro-gun rights advocates to hope. In the clip (not magazine) above, Sanders agues for compromise on gun rights by saying that “people who think they should have a missile launcher in their backyard as a constitutional right may not have them.” Which means they might! Personally, I draw the line on the right to keep and bear arms at aimed weapons. Wait. Isn’t a missile launcher an aimed weapon?

The best news of all: Sanders’ opponent, Hillary Clinton, has forced the Vermont legislator to face the ballistic music. By attacking Bernie on guns, Hillary has had to reveal her strident position on (i.e. against) firearms freedom. Come the general election, there will be loads of commercials using her words against her. Awesome.