Plans for the gun here. They can’t stop the signal…they can never stop the signal.

[h/t Dave T.]

17 Responses to Behold, the PM522 Washbear 3D Printed 8-Shot Revolver

  1. Hasbro is going to sue, this is just a ripoff of the Maverick revolver!

    Unless it’s an inside job; change the NERF world with the Maverick, change the gun world with the live fire Maverick clone?

    • Well, now I have, and I must applaud his practical sense of how to make a gun with very limited tooling. As soon as I saw the outside frame of the gun with sheet metal sides riveted together, I thought “Oh, this is very, very practical – only a drill press is really needed.”

      • Well it’s interesting I’ll give you that. Unfortunately I’m a bit of a Luddite so I can’t make heads nor tails about the efficacy of Patrick et al…hey guys can make grease guns/shotguns/liberators in a machine shop so have at it!

  2. Soo….. if we send a link to the this video or the printed file to the Australiian legislators do you think they would get arrected under there new laws?

    Very tempting to find out………

    • Nice typoe! I have heard that gun banners hate guns because they get secret boners, maybe the proof is in the pudding.

  3. He made a point of “detectable metal” several times. I assume that is to stay on the right side of the law? Polymer bullets are coming out. Pretty soon guns will be practically untraceable. OMG, 😮 Antis have to be having absolute convulsions over this kind of stuff.

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