CSGV: Accommodate Our Irrational Fears or Leave the Country

Remember the Vietnam War era slogan, ‘America, love it or leave it’? That was the retort used by conservatives against flea-bitten hippies protesting America’s involvement in southeast Asia. It actually was first popularized back during the McCarthy hearing days by columnist Walter Winchell who thought the Wisconsin commie hunter was the bee’s knees. Now, though, the […]

Question of the Day: Are Gun Owners Actually Making the Case for Gun Control Laws?

Reader Aaron W. writes: When they express surprise at an event like Knob Creek where everything there is legally owned, transported and used, we reply by saying, “Yeah, but it’s a long and detailed process with a lot of paperwork, scrutiny and strict accountability, so it’s OK.” When they argue for universal background checks, we reply that […]

BREAKING: Active Shooter in Colorado Springs, Police Officers Reported Injured

“At least three officers were injured in a shooting incident Friday near the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Commander Kirk Wilson with the Colorado Springs Police Department told reporters. Wilson said that police were still in the process of trying to eliminate the threat.” That CNN report, as well as others indicate that the shooting […]

An Open Letter to Gun Rights Supporters Across Europe

Reader Martin Z. forwarded the following letter from LEX, the Czech equivalent of the NRA: Dear colleagues, Since I write to you from Czech Republic, allow me to introduce our country first. In our republic, ownership and carrying of firearms is truly right, guaranteed by law for any adult, legally competent and law-abiding person. Firearms […]