In the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College shooting, our inbox has been crammed with TTAG tipsters’ emails containing links to gun control articles. Thanks for that! Because we can’t b everywhere, we depend on your heads-ups to stay on top of gun news. But we realize that TTAG needs to celebrate guns as well as expose those who hide behind a tissue of lies to promote their anti-gun agenda. So we present the above slo-mo video for your dining and dancing pleasure. If you come across an interesting article or video about a firearm, firearms trend, training technique, etc. please send it to us at the address above with the word GUN (all caps) in the subject bar. Much obliged.

9 Responses to Slow-Motion Dakota Tactical D54 MPS Machine Gun [VIDEO]

    • Larry, the lower egde of the hood did take a beating that’s for sure. It’s a common occurance when you low-mount an EOTech in the forward position on a roller-lock firearm.

  1. Pretty cool video. Only issue is that Dakota Tactical takes your money, and makes you wait 3 years for a gun to be built.
    They also just bumped their customers to do a large rush order for some silencer company.


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