110 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. Look guys, I already told you it was this long. Now see, I’m tapping it on the breech. Go ahead and open it you’ll see.

  2. Concealed means concealed except when it doesn’t.

    (I love this movie and its twin Support your local gunfighter)

  3. Jeff Cooper (pictured 1st on the right, in the backfield) relates the story of how he came up with his now famous 4th rule, in his four rules of gun safety.

  4. I guess the guy in the tan jacket isn’t worried about over penetration…Rule 3: Know your target and what lies beyond it, especially if you’re beyond it.

  5. Man strait ahead in background, to guys standing on both sides, “Hey, you guys, why are you moving away from me, I just showered this morning!”

  6. “Ka-BOOM treats Intestinal gas pain.

    Use Ka-BOOM only as directed.

    If symptoms persist, see your doctor…”

  7. Hold it! Hold it, hold it just a dang minute fellers. This here is a cannon-free zone, you’ll hafta leave that on the other side of that sign over yonder.”

  8. One of my Favorite Westerns: Support your Local Sheriff with James Garner, Jack Elem, Walter Brennan, Harry Morgan…..classic!

  9. “Come on guys is all this really necessary? I didn’t know it was the last beer in the fridge, and I didn’t know she was your sister.”

  10. Chris Mintz ancestor taking out a few heavy hitters as the rest stood in amazement at his ability to take extraordinary hits and still keep going

  11. ARCHIVAL PHOTO: This photo, dated to the early 1900s, depict the execution of a convicted cattle smuggler. The convicted was offered a chance to speak their final words before being executed by a Hi-Point .45

  12. I’m tellin y’all, this new less than lethal cannonball is revolutionary. Just be ready to catch him, it does knock em back a bit…

  13. The squad suddenly realized that Reynolds meant something very different than they believed when he said he was a “gun lover”.

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