Enter the best caption in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a set of ARTactical .45 caliber bullet tire valve stem caps for your ride.

74 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest – Win a Set of ARTactical Bullet Valve Stem Caps

  1. Yep, I told you, Ma. Them new fangled 3d printers will save us a lot of time over shopping at the sears and roebuck.

    Now if I can just work the bugs outta the machine so it’ll quit chewing my new pants up.

  2. Mother! That’s why I can’t wait to get my own place. You’ve been snooping in my underwear drawer again, haven’t you?

  3. Whaat you mean their is no latinas een dee future PERRA!! All of you PERRAS!! YOU CHINGALE ME FOR THE LAST TIME BEECHES…..

    • Fireclean actually. Over-and-under model. One in the pink, one in the stink…for the win. Send valve stem covers c/o……

  4. Ma, I think that salesman snookered you when you traded him yer old double barrel fer that thing! He was lying out of both sides of his mouth when he told ya he shot down a whole flock of moon bats with it. We ain’t seen any moon bats since Pa popped that Schumer-to-the-Moon-bat right in the beak!

  5. “Mom, you’re just angry cause I boinked Beldar and you can’t find the trigger on the phased plasma rifle…”

  6. Are you sure that’s the only gun that’s still legal in New York? What does it shoot? Tater tots? How are supposed to make it through this financial collapse with that thing?

  7. I’m pretty sure this was an episode of Lost n Space . That plasma gun looks vey familiar , It is the same kind of gun they used on Carrien 5 ack in 1964 .

  8. Look closely at the upper right quadrant about 2 o’clock ad you can see the distinct outline of a UFO hovering above planet Zentron . Do you believe what you are seeing ?
    Ancient Astronaut Theorist believe this could have been contact

  9. Bobby watched as Ma Barker forced Kattie to try out for the Mexican Bambido Cowboys cheerleaders for the famous football team from Dallas Mexico ( 2231 ) .

  10. Gooood luck not having them stolen sooner or later. Prob’ly sooner.

    I used to have anodized valve stem caps the same color as my car. Apparently they matched the thief’s car too.

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