BREAKING: Walmart Pulls ARs and “High-Capacity” Shotguns

A TTAG reader just texted us the above map. It’s a camera phone shot of a Walmart salesman’s computer screen at a store in Pratt, Kansas. The image shows which states’ residents are not allowed to buy long guns in Kansas Walmarts – despite the fact that you can buy long guns in any state provided it is legal to own in your state of residence. The salesman offered the map as justification for the fact that his store was removing all AR-style rifles and “high-capacity” semi-automatic shotguns from display cases. Furthermore, the salesman said that the relevant inventory in the display case had been liquidated and the stock in the backroom was returned. We’ve contacted Walmart for comment. UPDATE: TTAG readers are reporting Walmart stores around the U.S. are ending “assault rifle” sales.