By Brian Belko via wideopenspaces.com

If you don’t already play guitar, you will want to after you watch this time lapse video of an AK-47 guitar being made. This awesome guitar was designed and built by designer Jimmy DiResta for the musician Wyclef Jean.After all is said and done, the AK-47 guitar looks remarkably similar to the weapon that inspired the design . . .

The gold paint job and working whammy bar trigger really push this AK-47 guitar from pretty cool to absolutely badass. Watching such a skilled designer turn an ordinary guitar into such a unique piece of art is truly remarkable.

Makes you want to go build something, doesn’t it?

22 Responses to Watch A Craftsman Build This AK Guitar [VIDEO]

  1. I was hoping for a guitar that could shoot. This was just a butchering of a perfectly good guitar and a lot of wasted man hours. I’m sure some trendy somewhere in tight jeans thinks this is cool.

  2. That was AWE-SOME. At first I thought to make the switch the trigger but the whammy is WAY BETTER. I’m floored.

    • Oh, yay — inlay. Big whoop.

      Now, if he’d built a concealed-carry compartment into the guitar, I’d be impressed.

  3. I’m disappointed it isn’t a working gun. It would give a whole new meaning to saying, “Knock ’em dead!” as a performer goes on stage.

  4. Awesome, however the gold paint spoiled everything IMHO.
    Black true CCCP instead of gangsta gold would have been waaaaay better.

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