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Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is one of the more outspoken advocates of gun control in Congress today. Every single time there’s a firearms related incident that makes the national news he takes the opportunity to wave the bloody shirt and demand that we “do something about gun violence.” For the children. More often than not the proposals he makes have nothing whatsoever to do with the widely publicized incident he’s using to promote his agenda, and quite often they would have exactly zero impact on reducing the kind of crime he’s trying to target. This time is no different.

From the NY Daily News:

 Sen. Chuck Schumer vowed Sunday to make a major push to get new gun control legislation through Congress, connecting the Charleston massacre to other mass killings that have rocked the country.


Schumer proposed three components of “common-sense” legislation: increasing the strength of gun background checks, particularly to weed out mentally ill individuals; requiring background checks at gun shows, and cracking down on the flow of guns from the South to cities in the Northeast.

Not a single one of Senator Schumer’s proposals would have stopped the attack in Charleston.

“Stronger” background checks would not have worked, since the Charleston attacker did not have a background which would have disqualified him from purchasing a firearm. Unless Senator Schumer proposes that anyone who espouses certain views (which do not match his own) should be banned from owning a firearm, that is.

Background checks at gun shows already take place, lest we forget that gun dealers are required to perform a NICS check for every sale they make regardless of the location. What Chuckie is talking about are private party sales, which still would not have stopped the Charleston attacker. He bought his gun fair and square from a gun store, passing the required NICS background check with flying colors.

“Cracking down on the flow of guns” is already something that Chuckie can enforce, but chooses not to. Selling guns across state lines without a license is already a Federal felony. Possession of an unregistered firearm in New York City is already a crime. Chuck could ask the police to crack down and enforce the laws already on the books rather than trying to blame the rest of the country for his state’s appallingly high murder rate, but that would mean taking responsibility for his state’s failings and actually doing something about the problem. Better to blame everyone else.

The good news is that these new proposals have exactly zero chance of passing right now, especially with the Republicans in charge of the House and Senate. But constant vigilance is the price of freedom.

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  1. “Chuck Schumer to use Church Shooting to Push Irrelevant and Useless Gun Control Laws”

    In other news, the sky is blue, and water is wet…

    Schumer is a grandstanding a-hole who has yet to meet a bloody shirt he can’t wave.

  2. NY has a higher murder due to thier strict gun-laws? BULLSHIT!!!

    It’s guns from flyover states with lax laws that need to have laws like NY.

    More bullshit fascist pro-gun promoting propoganda and red-herrings as usual.

    • Go do some research, but make sure to look at all the research, not just the anti gun propaganda.


      . . . why don’t those other states have stratospheric killgunmurder rates like New Yawk?

    • Historically, most fascist governments tend toward highly restrictive gun control. But then again most of the time the word “fascist” is thrown around no one knows what they are talking about.

    • if u care about learning u should read more guns less crime it definitively proves that guns reduce crime

      • Don’t hold back, man, it’s not good for you.

        Just put [Schumer] over the words you don’t want your kids learning yet.

    • If guns didn’t come from across states boarders, they would surely make their way from across national boarders (e.g., Mexico and Canada.)

      You know, like every other thing in the US which has been made “illegal.”

      You, and your fellow anti-gun zealots, will never get the Upotia you desire. Be it due to the availablity of legal guns, or illegal guns, alike.

      Americans will have arms. Get used to it.

      • Ya, funny how, even in Amsterdam, people will still kill you for drugs, but lets siarm the populace and give everyone medical marijuana so they’ll sleep thru being overrun by CHINA WHO WONT GIVE UP THEIR GUNS YOU F’D BLUE STATE A-HOLES.

    • Nice defense of Nooooo Yawk (New York).

      Did you know that 3D Printers will enable people worldwide to make guns at home?

      Gun control worldwide is on death row…. deal with it.

    • Another uneducated anti-2A keyboard commando. Get your facts straight before joining the conversation.

      • Or Willy’s lunchmeat is trouser tubesteak served up daily by satan’s house of (D) food truck at his most recent paid protest. Evill turds for gun-control, then oppression, torture, and murder. History has already spoken.

    • Shouldn’t those flyover states have higher crime also? Not all the guns from there can end up in NY, some surely have to stay and cause crime.

      • New Yorkers believe they are god’s gift to the world, surely they can’t be the cause of their own problems, they are too perfect. No, it must be those icky guns from those lame fly over states causing all the problems in NY.

        Every New Yorker I ever meet had a huge ego along with poor hygine and behaved like a jackass.

      • From the same source, looking at states with “strong” “common-sense” “gun control” laws (sorry for the quote burst):

        California 4.6 per 100K population
        Illinois 5.5
        Maryland 6.4
        New Jersey 4.5

        • Note that the states with higher rates also have large black inner city populations. The gun murder rates for blacks are 19.4 per 100,000 in population. Depending on the source 80 to 95% of those murders are committed by blacks between the age of 15 and 25 years of age.

          If the black communities could solve their violence problem the entire nations murder rates would look like Nebraska’s

    • I was stationed in Long Island as an Army recruiter the crime crime was high, NYC finest told me that too many illegal guns were being imported through the docks, not from other states. I lived in NJ ate retirement, state troopers complained about illegal guns coming from the “city”, both Philadelphia and NYC. I now live in “fly over country” Illinois. We have to have a FOID aka firearms owner identification card to handle a gun let alone buy it. That does not keep the criminal elements in Chicago from killing each other and innocent people. The fact is “fly over country” has nothing to do with NYC or NJ gun violence problems. But since you live in NYC (I lived in Bayside Queens ) you are not going to accept my info even if it did come from law enforcement.

    • The firemen have been busy lately. So if we object to your homosexual agenda we get hosed? I’m here for the guns (to paraphrase Nancy Reagan) not for anything else.

      • What homosexual agenda does TTAG have? Their crazy ideas that gay people have the right to defend themselves? Or that we should treat gays with civility, regardless of how we feel about their lifestyle?

        • Recognizing that all people should be treated equal infringes upon my religious right to be an asshole!

        • That’s right MFs
          TTAG can edit or ban me but SCOTUS’ ruling last week says i have a right to be immoral, offensive, and a potential health risk and a future burden on medicaid. I’ve a right to stick it in the eye of everything human history [through the sieve of human nature and physics] has chosen to bless, and i can demand positive recognition for that.

        • Joe you’re completely right, we should keep oppressing people & treating them like 2nd class citizens because of “your” religious beliefs.

        • @ Jason B

          Gays were not oppressed or treated as second class citizens. Nice try though.

          If you need the Federal government to validate your “dignity” (in the words of Justice Kennedy) than seriously, you are not an individual anymore, just a ward of the state.

          The only “class” of people that come close to be treated as second class is possible, illegal immigrants, but even they get access to various state and federal benefits, as well as openly flout their illegal status in “pride” parades and invited by Democrats to Capitol Hill.

          In retrospect, it seems like the law-abiding citizen is the only “class” the politicians and judges don’t seem to work for.

  3. This is great news, I was waiting for this to happen with bated breath. All is right in the universe now.

  4. What’s he shooting in the video? Is he giving up his securityLOL…BREAKING NEWS-Bernie Sanders only cares about gun rights in HIS tiny state-screw you big cities(or black folks)…

    • Whoever the RSO is should be ashamed. No eye protection at all. And here, I thought he was all about looking over his specs in a disapproving paternalistic and authoritative manner.

  5. This guy Schumer affirms that New Yorkers are not any smarter than Californians when it comes to elected officials. Reactionary wackos on the left, reactionary wackos on the right, stuck on the Roster with you.

  6. “The most dangerous place in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.”

    Bob Dole

  7. …soooooo, I’ve a question concerning this proposed “weeding” of potential mentally unstable people from obtaining a firearm.

    Who does the “weeding”? Meaning, will a prospective firearm purchaser be required to undergo some sort of medical/mental screening performed by a licensed physician? What would be the criteria for defining who is approved or rejected after said screening? I can see this becoming another “choke point”.

  8. Chuck could ask the police to crack down and enforce the laws already on the books rather than trying to blame the rest of the country for his state’s appallingly high murder rate

    Actually, New York State’s murder rate is low — lower, in fact, than that of Texas. Considerably lower. So if NYS’ murder rate is appallingly high, then Texas’ must be super-appallingly high.

    • Texas’ murder rate is pretty high (23rd out of the 50 states). That’s not too surprising given it’s proximity to the world’s largest drug lab (i.e. Mexico).
      But if you check out this page, you’ll see quite a few states below New York:
      WV, NE, WY, WI, SD, WA, MT, ND, MN, OR, ME, ID, NH, UT, VT, and at the very bottom IA. None of those are bastions of gun control.

  9. More often than not Every time the proposals he makes have nothing whatsoever to do with the widely publicized incident he’s using to promote his agenda, and quite often every time they would have exactly zero impact on reducing the kind of crime he’s trying to target.

    There’s no reason to make it appear that his ideas are sometimes valid.

  10. Last I knew, CA already requires a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist to conduct a “Fitness” evaluation before a person can get a CCW he or she is applying for. Sure would be nice if that protocol were in place for prospective voters. LOL LOL LOL

    • State law doesn’t require an evaluation but leaves it up to the issuing sheriff. The state law does specify who can conduct that evaluation and how much the applicant must pay.

    • UP is his given name. UP Chuck You Schemer.

      You’d think by now the bus with his name on the front would have done it’s job.

  11. This SOB sat across the lady from TX, in a congressional hearing, who’s mother & father was shot by a nut crashing through a restaurant, because she law abide and left her arm in the car, listen and said nothing other than sorry for your loss. F that guy.

  12. What’s up with the sh*t eating grin he’s wearing? I’d say he is having a serious case of the giggle factor. OH wait, that’s gotta be his “I’m peeing my pants I’m so scared of this gun” look. my bad

  13. From his lips to satan’s a_ _.




      • Andy, I’ve been acused of trolling before. Honestly, I’m old enough to need to look it up. But if I am in fact a troll, i win, put away your 12-sided die, and game pieces. If I sound unstable it’s a generational thing. I am mostly just echoing much of what’s been said before, much more eloquently I’m certain, but only more strident by the present separation from what is apparantly going to be just a more littered eventuality, if you are only merely bored or offended. If i rode a horse through your town tonight with a warning, and you wanted me to be quiet, I would not. It’s not a quaint notion, it’s all been played out in inevform or another to the same result. If I repeat, and you notice…how come it’s difficult for you to notice that, and, if you notice, and don’t repeat it with me, I notice. And everyone has notice.

    • You CAPS lock key seems to be stuck in the on position. You might want to call the Help Desk and have someone look at that.

      • Please give chapter and verse. Is it before or after “From each according to his means and to each according to his means”.

  14. Chuck “The Torpedo” Schumer and for that matter all Democrats should be banned from using the term “Common Sense” as it don’t mean what they think it means.

  15. Chuck is the representative that our founders warned us about.


  16. SSDD, although the photos of him shooting just shows there are guns for me, but none for thee. That is a good name for him, Up Chuck Squirmer or Chuck Up Squirmer.

  17. Taking this serious is difficult . Every time a politician puts forth an anti gun measure, gun advocates argue that the proposals wouldn’t have stopped this incident or that incident. The gun advocates are missing the point, and because of this they will eventually lose. Gun control, like mandatory vaccines, has nothing to do with public safety, and is all about control over the individual.

  18. Re: background checks at gun shows (the so-called “gun show loophole”)

    Congress has the delegated authority to regulate retail and wholesale transfers of firearms pursuant to its commerce clause powers.

    Private transfers are not commerce, hence the commerce clause powers do not apply.


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