As a Matter of Fact, Americans DO Hunt With ARs

By now you’ve probably heard that no one hunts (or needs to bring down a deer/coyote/hog) with a so-called “assault weapon.” And there’s no tradition of doing so in these United States. We know this because the White House press secretary told us so. For some reason, though, the People of the Gun begged to […]

How to Legally Dispose of a Firearm

By James England via Modern pistols and revolvers are pretty resilient. You can push upwards of tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition through them before mechanical parts start to degrade. With proper maintenance, it’s possible for a revolver or pistol to last a lifetime. But what if you’re sick of that pistol? After the […]

They Can Be Taught!: RDU TSA Change Their Ways

We recently related Matt H.’s tale of woe while flying the friendly skies via Raleigh Durham airport. Against all odds, his story has a happy ending: Much to my surprise my complaint was actually addressed. A representative contacted me directly (a different one from the person originally claiming to be a manager) and took the […]