63 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. George Switzer Albany Georga 1927: Quoted as saying when posing for this photo
    “My friend Pete wanted me to go Passenger Pigeon hunting, but I told him there was a lot more quaile around so I thought , with no bag limit, I could harvest (HA HA) as many as I wanted. There’s way to many to be able to impact the quaile population”

  2. Depression era economist uses offbeat charting method to prove that indeed “there will be a chicken in every pot”

  3. ‘Passenger Pigieons are like .22lr these days, so plentiful, they’ll never be a shortage of them.’

  4. Chicken in every pot my ass. Go out and shoot your own dinner. Don’t expect the government to do everything for you. Whenever they provide something there are always strings attached.

  5. Dam! Where did my other dog go? Where is that sucker? What happened to him?
    Oh, there he is, right by my left foot!

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