TTAG APB: We Need 40 Warm Bodies for Tomorrow (Tues. January 13) for Dallas (Plano) Charlie Hebdo Sim

Charlie Hedbo office (courtesy

UPDATE: Still a few people short. If you can make it tomorrow at 6:00p central, please email the requested info below to Thanks.

The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor writes: “Some, such as the National Review’s Jim Geraghty, have pondered how the [attack on the Charlie Hebdo officers] would go down in the United States, where more gun ownership could have prompted an “armed response from ordinary citizens.” Such an alternative reality scenario is hard to guess at, though it’s worth noting that the evidence from the United States is far from clear, especially in shootings involving automatic weapons.” Once again, the champions of civilian disarmament reckon armed defenders are surplus to requirements. We need your help to prove them wrong . . .

After our post-Newtown school shooting sim in Connecticut Nick and I reckon an armed civilian (or two) could have prevented a great deal of slaughter in the Paris terrorist attack. I contacted Dallas’ Patriot Protection to arrange a simulation to prove – or disprove – our theory.

They’ve agreed to provide the facility and equipment to test out the impact of an armed defender against two terrorists armed with AK equivalents (ARs). We need 40 warm bodies to meet us at Patriot Protection at 2552 Summit Avenue unit #404 (around the back) Plano, Texas at 6pm to make it happen. Click here for a map. All you need to bring is . . . friends!

If you’d like to show the antis the error of their ways (presuming), please send your name, cell phone number (for texts), sex, age and firearms experience to Newbies most welcome. [NB: We will not share this information with anyone but we are going to film the sim and the media may be present.]

You can call me for more info if you like at 401-835-5054. PLEASE help us show the world the value of armed self-defense.

[NOTE: We’ve changed the time to 6pm to accommodate working stiffs.]