“An officer with Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department came under an unprovoked attack Friday from a man wielding an ax, police said, the second such attack in two weeks that is prompting warnings and new protocols to officers on the job.” So reports cnn.com.  This follow last week’s hacking at two NYPD officers by an Islamic convert with “militant leanings.” The officer in the cruiser wasn’t hurt by the hatchet, but injured a shoulder after chasing the guy down before he ultimately escaped. “Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier issued a warning to officers to increase their vigilance for their safety, amid concern about recent attacks on authorities in New York and Canada, a law enforcement official told CNN.” Isn’t it time we had common sense axe control in our nation’s capital?

47 Responses to Ban Axes!

  1. Where was this ax purchased or was it a black market ax…..if we can’t control axes how are we going to keep our police safe. Is the National Ax Register run by the TSA still working? My God what are you Democrats doing get your liberal base moving and get these axes registered…..one other thing why didn’t the police officer take out his nice safe pistol and put a bullet in this guys ass? I would believe this is attempted murder.

    • No, not attempted murder, just another day on the job in the Nation’s Capital. More nuts per square mile than a California walnut grove.

  2. I have a camp axe and a tactical tomahawk, and I can’t imagine scarier weapons. I’d rather look down the barrel of a gun again then face off against one of those things.

        • Whats unaxeceptable is that the perp was allowed to axecape. When someone blatantly attacks a LEO I’d axepect they’d go full throttle to detain him. Axespecially in the nation’s Capitol. I’m sure the officer has an axecuse and will be axeplaining himself.

        • Good news is the officer is now part of a very axeclusive club of LEO’s who’ve been attacked with axes. If its ok with you guys I think I will now axeit this dialog.

  3. . Good news for all you anti’s. The odds of a National Axe Association forming is pretty low. And there is no right to keep and bear axes. No one has a need for an axe in NYC. Common sense laws for axe control. Go for it!

  4. Actually that looks like a splitting maul. Gots to use the correct nomenclature! Can’t be giving innocent axes a bad reputation by misidentifying them.

  5. When you consider all of the things that could so easily be used as a deadly weapon, the “gun control” stuff gets ever more ridiculous. Sad thing is that the PTB seem to be working really hard to set up situations that will prove this to be very true… the hard way.

    If this guy had just waited for the cop to open the door and get out before he swung the ax… oh boy.

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