Mathis: PA’s Preemption Law is an NRA Tax Grab!

Joel Mathis, writing in Philadelphia Magazine has his knickers in a serious twist over a new piece of NRA-supported legislation which just passed the Pennsylvania House and is awaiting action by the Senate Judiciary Committee. His article, The NRA Wants Your Submission spends 841 words excoriating the NRA and the legislature, explicating how when this […]

Protecting Women from Gun Control Nonsense

  The left-leaning Center for American Progress is pushing a “fact” sheet on Protecting Women from Gun Violence and, unusually enough, they appear to have hardly fudged the data at all. On the other hand they really don’t provide any context to go with their raw numbers which can be misleading without any actual deceit. […]

Schooling an Annoyed Librarian

I stumbled across an interesting blog entry the other day. Posted by Annoyed Librarian (not pictured above) it was titled Those Dangerous Public Libraries and contains her plaints against us ‘gun nuts’ and the activity of some of our brethren in Windsor Colorado where a library was – horror of horrors! – made to obey the law. […]