55 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. When president Obama was informed that Brazillian Banditos were armed and ready for war, he informed John Kerry to negotiate our surrender. Then he asked “Wait, How many are in a Brazillian?”

  2. The dog Chip was over heard saying “if you think I’m going to scare up enough birds for all of you, you’re nuts.”

  3. ai yi yi yi, we are the Frito Banditos, eeha!

    If one of you chuckleheads doesn’t cough up a bone here, somebody’s agonna die…

  4. Notice the second guy from the left actually aiming right at the camera man and the way everyone beyond looks like they’re watching him in horror?

    “No, Rodrigo, no! It’s just a photo shoot! A PHOTO shoot!!!

  5. I heard it on good authority that this time, police did NOT shoot the dog upon responding to calls about a “gathering of armed people.”

  6. While not as culturally diverse as later iterations, the original Village People placed much higher at Camp Perry matches.

  7. We got the t-shirt and the stupid hats!

    Less starch…more brim.

    What would Joan Rivers think of these…outfits?

    We were told we would be riding on the float…not BE the float!

  8. One of the worst robber and murderer of Brazil “Lampião” ( lamp). Only the army to kill him. what happens to an unarmed population, the bandits are the law …..

  9. The Colonel was such an expert trainer of marksmen and dogs, that he often had Spots give the order to fire.

  10. Wherever there is injustice, you will find us. Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there! Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find… The diez (10) amigos!

  11. Come amigos, let us seek vengeance against the bastards that sold us these stupid looking hats! Viva la revolucion ! ( The real reason for the start of the Mexican Revolution.)

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