My Favorite Gun Store: Wilshire Gun

Reader cuzwhat writes: Recently, TTAG asked its loyal readership for their opinions about their favorite gun shops. While several shops are dank holes in the wall in sketchy parts of town full of regulars, other shops are add-on afterthoughts to sporting goods stores. Other shops attempt to broaden their audience, be it with location, amenities, […]

I Don’t Patronize Anti-Gun Businesses

Michael in GA writes: It’s Saturday morning, 6:30 am. My day to sleep in and I am dreaming, or having a nightmare about hunters running and riding horseback around the neighborhood in which I grew up and I’m stuck in the middle. I blame Dean for posting his bear hunt story I read the night […]

Fifteen Children and Teens Shot in Early Morning Miami Nightclub Gun Battle

To say the circumstances surrounding an early morning multiple shooting in Miami are unclear is like saying Moms Demand Action have difficulty with facts. Neither statement begins to capture the breadth and majesty of the assertion. Here’s what is reporting: “Witnesses said they heard dozens of rounds, maybe 100, rip through a storefront Miami nightclub […]

Chasing Chukar in the Snake River Canyon

By Tom in Oregon Recently, Tyler Kee posted a story about dove hunting in Texas. While reading it, I started getting excited about an upcoming bird hunt I get to participate in. Mind you, this is while I’m in the middle of bear hunting, while also looking forward to elk season in December and another trip […]

BREAKING: Video of Ohio Walmart Shopper Shooting Released

Video has now been release of the August shooting (at about 8:26:55) of Ohio Walmart shopper John Crawford III. A grand jury found insufficient evidence to indict Beavercreek Officer Sean Williams. But as reports, Crawford’s family claims the shooting constitutes a murder and now “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Wednesday that he is turning […]