NJ Cops Arrest Gun Owner for “Creating a Risk of Widespread Injury or Damage”

Robert Litner (courtesy nj.com)

“Police on Saturday revealed the extent of the arsenal seized from a township resident and evident gun enthusiast, the day after they charged Robert Lintner, 65, with ‘creating a risk of widespread injury or damage,'” northjersey.com reports. I know what you’re thinking: how many guns equals an “arsenal” in New Jersey, a state whose gun laws are the dictionary definition of Second Amendment infringement. I won’t keep you in suspense. Or will I? . . .

Saddle Brook Police Chief Robert Kugler said police removed approximately 300 pounds of black gun powder from the basement of Lintner’s home on Washington Street. With the assistance of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department, they also removed nearly 200 long and short firearms from five large gun vaults in the home, Kugler said, adding that tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition were also taken.

“Nearly” 200 guns = a New Jersey arsenal. Fair enough? Only the word “arsenal” implies something nefarious in this context, does it not? Google defines the word as “an array of resources available for a certain purpose.” In New Jersey, where the number of concealed carry permits is roughly equivalent to the number of Israeli supermodels I’ve dated, anyone who has more than, say, three guns is immediately suspected of being a gun nut (a.k.a., ticking time bomb).

Robert Litner's reloading supplies (courtesy nj.com)

Notice, though, that Mr. Litner wasn’t charged with a weapons offense (yet). Cops arrested Litner for his cache of gunpowder [above] under 2C:17-2 Causing or Risking Widespread Injury or Damage, presumably fourth degree (“A person who recklessly creates a risk of widespread injury or damage commits a crime of the fourth degree, even if no such injury or damage occurs”). But it’s actually worse than that . .

Lintner was taken to police headquarters shortly before 10 p.m. Friday, capping a day that had begun with a morning 911 call that his wife allegedly stabbed him in the neck during a domestic dispute. When police discovered the weapons and the ammunition stored at the house, they ordered an evacuation of the adjacent homes on Washington Street.

His wife, Eileen Lintner, was charged with second-degree aggravated assault and illegal possession of a weapon, a knife, police said. She was released after posting $75,000 bail on condition she have no contact with her husband.

So Mr. Litner was a victim of domestic abuse when the cops (presumably) entered his house and (presumably) asked his wife about guns or (presumably) asked to use the toilet and (presumably) snooped around. And then, well, it’s an arsenal, innit?

Authorities spent several hours at the Lintners’ home, blocking traffic through the residential street into the evening, while the stock of armaments was secured. The chief said investigators brought out the firearms in barrels overnight and “will evaluate them and inspect them at a later time.”

NJ cops unceremoniously relieve Robert Litner of his gun collection (courtesy nj.com)

“Our effective removal of all the gun powder rendered the home and neighborhood safe,” Kugler said. “We confidently have all the weapons we came for.”

And I’m confident that New Jersey police doesn’t have all the weapons they’re coming for. One way or another, they’re coming for any and all firearms in the homes of law abiding residents. Because that’s the way they roll. Obvs. Oh, and how would you like having your prize gun collection dumped into a trash can to scrape and rattle against each other and end up in state custody?