NRA Commentator Dom Raso Hearts Police Militarization. Again. Still.

TTAG reader JF writes:

It seems NRA commentator Dom Raso just doesn’t get the pitfalls of up-arming every cop in America to the point where they could fight the Decepticons. He’s made a new video [above] where he acknowledges the resistance to police militarization in his previous video. He states that he’s a civilian now and doesn’t want MRAPs on every street. Then he goes on to say that we really need MRAPs on every street. Because terrorists. That’s his mantra; that the military fights terrorists so the police need to be just like the military to fight the terrorists when they show up here. He must think it’ll be like that Chuck Norris movie Invasion USA where 500 Jihadis land on a beach. Of course he never mentions any of the abuses of police acting like military and treating all citizens like potential insurgents. He does ask anyone who disagrees with him to “make a video” and send it to the NRA. He loves to say “Crush Everything” and I guess he’s including most of the Bill of Rights.