Weekend Digest: I’m A PC Edition

Saturday is gun buy-up day in Los Angeles, so go buy a gun! Even if you don’t live in LA! I suppose that’s not the message that they’re trying to get out, but it’s the one I choose to take from it. Guns can be turned in at several locations around LA for a $100 […]

Daily Digest: Hot Dog In Your Pocket Edition

The most interesting thing I’ve ever discovered while walking my dog was an attractive next-door neighbor. As it turned out, she was very committed to her boyfriend, so I guess it wasn’t as interesting as what a dog walker discovered in Mossley, outside of Manchester, England on Friday. A bunch of .50 caliber shells from […]

Daily Digest: Tears Of Joy Edition

In the past I’ve covered the many, many (many) times that folks inadvertently take their guns into airports, and how the outcome of those mistakes can vary wildly depending on where they occur. Most recently, it was only the end of March when this space featured the Orlando Sentinel’s exposé on the fact that making […]

Daily Digest: Memorial Day Edition

For those who chose to go when most wouldn’t. For those who knew it could cost them everything. For those who believed America to be the shining city on the hill, the last, best hope of Mankind. For those for whom duty, honor and country meant more than life itself. For those who gave the […]

Weekend Digest: Indian Country Edition

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? There was a fire in a backyard shed in Burbank, California, and during that fire, some ammunition burned/exploded/discharged. That’s undisputed. However, depending on which story you read, the ammunition either caused the fire, or simply burned up during the fire. NBC Los Angeles says that “ammunition that […]

Daily Digest: Remembering the Past Edition

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials temporarily seized a .50-caliber machine gun (above) in Detroit at the Fort Street Cargo Facility on May 13th because they say it wasn’t documented properly. The machine gun shipped from Canada, and was listed on an electronic manifest as “Cal Machine gun parts” and had no accompanying invoice. It […]

Daily Digest: Big Words Edition

A giant anti-gun billboard in Boston is coming down. The 250-foot-long billboard (above) has occupied the side of a parking garage near Fenway Park for 19 years, displaying various gun control messages. Most recently, it promoted a federal assault weapons ban, and had an electronic counter displaying the number of Americans killed by guns (45,000, […]

Daily Digest: No Resolution Edition

If you thought the drawing above looked like something a kid would do, you’d be right. Since you’re reading about it here, if you assumed that the kid got into trouble over the drawing above, you’d also be right. Eight-year-old Kody Smith was given the assignment to go outside and look at the clouds, and […]

Daily Digest: Bubble Silencer Edition

80% Arms, who as their name would suggest, make their money selling 80% lowers and milling jigs, has announced a new product that they’re sure will make a splash (if you throw it in a lake). Their new 0% billet AR-15 lower receiver is ready for you to turn into the rifle of your dreams, […]

Weekend Digest: Part Of The Problem Edition

Florida Carry, Inc. regularly organizes an event called Second Saturday, where folks gather to take advantage of the tenet of Florida law that says it’s permissible to open carry while hunting, fishing, or camping, or traveling to and from those activities. Florida is, with very few exceptions like that one, most assuredly not an open […]

Daily Digest: Empty Beer Pints & Wienerschnitzel Edition

Which of the three guns above is real? Can you tell without cheating? Police are finding it harder and harder to differentiate between real guns and replica or pellet guns, a determination that often must be made in just seconds. Last week in South Bend, Indiana, a 12-year-old boy pointed a pellet gun at a […]

Daily Digest: Snake Gun Edition

Your Lockdown of the Day™ today is a twofer, because of the brevity of both incidents. First, Van R. Butler Elementary School in Walton County, Florida was locked down for about 15 minutes today after police were called about gunfire. When officers arrived, they found that a man had shot a rattlesnake that was crawling […]