BREAKING: 50% of Santa Barbara Murders were Stabbed, NOT SHOT

Candlelight vigil for victims of Santa Barbara spree killing (courtesy

As much as the gun control freaks would love to dance in the blood of the victims and call for more gun control, it looks like their celebration of these latest deaths might have been premature. The initial knee-jerk reaction from even the killers parents was to blame the evil NRA for the gun that hypnotized their son into murdering people, but according to the latest reports it looks like they might want to evenly spread that blame on the Culinary Institute of America and Cutco too.

From KYET:

NewsChannel 3 was first to bring you the breaking news that three people were found dead inside his Isla Vista apartment on Seville Road.


“The three male victims were apparently stabbed repeatedly with sharp objects and it was a pretty horrific crime scene,” said Sheriff Bill Brown at Saturday’s press conference.

According to ABC’s reporting, the sheriff stated that these three were included in the initial body count. That means three stabbed, three either shot or run over, and one mass murderer killed by the police.

Bet you anything Shannon Watts ignores that little piece of information and blames all of the murders on the evil influence of the firearm.