Bloomberg-Funded Shannon Watts Starts Bullying Another Business: Chipotle

The standard tactic from Michael Bloomberg’s personally funded Gun Control Hysteria Formerly Known as Moms Demand Action is pretty well established by now. Step one: pick a common fast food restaurant that an upper middle class white family would regularly visit. Step two: find an instance of scary looking guns being in one of their locations. Step three: bully the fast food chain until they can claim some minor form of victory. Step four: claim that “gun bullies” are trying to unfairly force their opinion on the same restaurants that they just forced their will upon. Lather, rinse, repeat. Today’s target: Chipotle.

Am I the only one who is starting to notice the soccer mom trend for chains under attack, by the way? First Starbucks and now Chipotle? I realize that Shannon Watts only became motivated to “reduce gun violence” after a bunch of white New England children were murdered (apparently black children in Chicago don’t  motivate Shannon), but from the person who used to do public relations for Monsanto, I would expect a more coherent strategy than “only get pissed off when gun nuts come into restaurants I like.”

Twitchy opines:

Anti-gun nuts Moms Demand Action attempted to intimidate the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain after some open carry activists in Dallas suggested eating at one of the restaurants after a scheduled “open carry walk.” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, launched a hashtag campaign at the burrito makers. Naturally the sight of law abiding Texans legally carrying legal firearms is disturbing to the disturbed Bloomberg-funded gun grabbers. Normal people had a different reaction.

It’s actually pretty good reading, the responses Twitchy posted. But things get better. Chipotle reacted with a logical and legal response: they abide by the state laws in which their restaurants exist. So when I carry my legally concealed handgun into their stores to enjoy their burritos (and strangely have yet to “snap” and start murdering people, despite going there every week) the company has no issue with that.

Shannon’s response to a rational statement: pure insanity.

I… What?

I realize that Shannon sees her path to victory paved with the mammary glands of her fellow females — that her one useful weapon is the common appeal of being a “mother,” which leads to the media’s willingness to overlook her complete lack of credibility and relevant information for the pathos generated by that fact of biology. However, in her rush to jump straight to the “look at me I’m a mom you should do what I say because I’m a woman” argument it seems that she has made what might possibly be the dumbest argument in all of history.

Who would have a problem with singing loudly while breast feeding? Why would that even be an issue? I wasn’t aware of Moms Demand Action Against Loud Singing while Breastfeeding, and even if it existed who in their right minds would spend the brain cells necessary to put a law on paper preventing such an act? And what the heck does breastfeeding have to do with open carry? Unless you want to open carry your breasts, which is a whole ‘nother matter (and well beyond the purview of this blog and the comments therein).

We’ve known for ages that Shannon Watts is a nutcase. It looks like the public at large might finally be starting to realize this as well.