ATF Agent Brandishes Gun, Shuts Down Interstate


“Authorities partially closed a downtown Minneapolis freeway briefly Tuesday morning as they executed a “high risk” traffic stop to detain a motorist who allegedly brandished a gun at another driver.” Uh oh. Road rage! “The incident began about 6:40 a.m. on eastbound I-694 in Brooklyn Park, where a motorist called police to report that another driver was displaying a gun.” The cops finally nabbed the irresponsible motorist, shutting down half of I-94 in Minneapolis for safety while they made the arrest. See? This is why civilians can’t be trusted with guns! They just don’t have the training or capacity to handle the responsibility. How many times do we have to make the point that . . .

Uh. Hold on.

The State Patrol took the man with the gun into custody. He was questioned and released after officers learned he was an ATF agent who was carrying proper credentials.

According to the story, Minnesota law prevents the release of his name as it would blow his cover. Strangely, the Strib article makes no mention of any charges that were filed against the angry agent. But don’t worry, the matter is reportedly “under investigation” so it’s all good.