New Compact Range Officer 1911 from Springfield

The concealed carry market is absolutely booming. It’s a trend that’s been growing for years, and with the AR-15 bubble now well and truly over manufacturers are getting back to making new guns for the carry market. Springfield is getting into the game with a smaller version of their popular Range Officer 1911, offering a […]

SIG SAUER Launches Commemorative NRA Branded P227

SIG SAUER has for a long time been engraving small batches of their handguns to order. They offer a program in which outside organizations, such as law enforcement groups or military units, can design an engraving pattern to be put on a handgun to commemorate…well just about anything. But SIG doesn’t do it for everyone […]

A Look Inside Magpul’s Retro 1950’s Bus

When people want to do business at trade shows, there’s usually a limited range of options. You can scurry off to one of the dark corners of the convention center, I suppose. Or some companies just have a bunch of tables and chairs in their booth, but those are usually colonized by squatters and other […]

Barrett Re-Vamps their REC7 Rifle Line

The Barrett REC7 has been around for a while, yet I only know one person who actually bought one. It might be an after-effect of their reputation for expensive firearms like their 50BMG line — good guns, but you can’t afford them. Barrett’s updating the rifle line with a new keymod forend (bringing them into […]

Daniel Defense Invests in their Own Stocks

Daniel Defense has been using Magpul’s furniture on their firearms for years, but starting at SHOT Show this year they’ve begun using their own design for the stock and handguards. The stock design is pretty nifty, with added rubber pads for comfort and grip. The pistol grip… meh. It has the same rubber grippy panels, […]

New from Rock River Arms: Polymer 1911 Handgun

Rock River Arms is here at the NRAAM to introduce their new polymer framed 1911 handgun. The frame of the gun is injection molded polymer, but there’s a small metal insert molded into the gun that holds all of the pins together and distributes the force of the recoil over a larger area. The gun […]

New from DPMS: Compact Hunter in .308, .243 and .338

DPMS’s AR-10 rifles are pretty popular largely because they’re an inexpensive alternative for those looking for a more powerful semi-automatic rifle. They’re accurate, too — there’s a pair of twin girls that use their DPMS .308 rifles to hit the 1,000 yard target at my local range with ease. Heck, they had to ask the […]