BREAKING: Chicago Police Arrest Concealed Carry Permit Holder


“A 54-year-old Northwest Side man who allegedly pulled a gun during a property dispute is the first concealed carry permit holder arrested in Chicago,” reports. “William P. O’Connell, of the 7200 block of North Oleander Avenue, lost his permit as a result of the arrest, said a spokeswoman for the Illinois State Police.” Interesting that the cops have no compunction about naming and shaming Mr. O’Connell but delay identifying police officers involved in shootings. Anyway, the news it just out but the deal went down on the 23rd. Like this . . .

O’Connell was involved in a quarrel over rent money with a 52-year-old man on March 23, police said. O’Connell allegedly pointed a handgun at the man and threatened to shoot him.

Police said the victim and a woman both identified O’Connell, who admitted hiding his gun. O’Connell took officers to a vacant apartment where they recovered a .38-caliber revolver, police said.

O’Connell was carrying a valid state firearm owner’s identification card and a concealed carry license when he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, police said. He’s scheduled to appear in court on May 8.

The state police have revoked O’Connell’s permit based on a provision of the concealed carry law that says permit holders can’t be the subject of a “proceeding for an offense or action that could lead to disqualification to own or possess a firearm,” said Monique Bond, a spokeswoman for the agency.

Under state law, a conviction for aggravated assault with a gun would disqualify O’Connell from owning a firearm.

O’Connell declined to comment.

Good for him. The shutting-up part, I mean. Meanwhile, the antis are sure to have a field day with this one. Watch this space.