The Guns of Russia’s Ukraine Incursion

AK-74M and GP-25 - Imgur

The situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, and the only good thing coming out of that whole situation is that we get to gawk at the Russian hardware on display. There are a large number of soldiers currently around Russia’s Black Sea base in Crimea, strangely wearing no identifying patches. But one person on Reddit (/u/NihilNovae_Su) has sifted through the images from various news sites and identified the top-of-the-line brand new Russian-built firearms they’re toting. Make the jump for some more pictures (re-printed with permission) . . .

GM-94 Grenade Launchers - Imgur

PKM and AK-74M accessories - Imgur

PKM Machine Gun accessories - Imgur

PKP Machine Gun - Imgur

SVD-S Sniper Rifle - Imgur