Why No One Wants To Buy My Gun

I’ve dreamt of getting my private pilot’s license ever since I can remember. About two months ago, the planets finally aligned. I had the time to take the training course at a good local flight school. Now that ground school is over I need to get some hours in an actual airplane to keep moving forward. […]

Ruger Issues Recall for SR-556VT AR-15 Rifle

  Ruger came out with the SR-556 a couple years back now, and it was very well received. The piston-powered rifle seemed to be rugged and reliable, and when I abused one out in the desert of Arizona it worked like a charm no matter how I neglected it. But it seems that a flaw […]

TrackingPoint Accepting Bitcoins for Firearm Sales

  A few days ago, the powers that be in Washington decided that Bitcoin will be treated like a commodity and not like a currency. That means it’ll be taxed as capital gains if you make money off it, just like stocks. But there’s one thing that the untraceable, anonymous, and very high-tech crypto-currency can […]

ATF to Halt NFA Batch Processing, Re-Design eForms System

A few days ago we reported on the assertion by the ATF and a couple of FFL holders that one of the reasons the ATF’s new NFA paperwork processing system is almost completely unusable at times is that Austin’s Silencer Shop is killing it by automating the uploading all of their paperwork in a very […]

Choosing a Competition Rifle: SCAR 16S versus PWS Mk114

If you had asked me a couple years back what platform was the best for 3-gun competitions, there wouldn’t have been a moment’s hesitation from me — the AR-15 uber alles. But after spending a year with Team FNH USA and running the SCAR 16S exclusively in competitions, I’m starting to question that analysis. With […]

The Never-Empty Double Gun…lolwut?

One of my friends recently stumbled across this website, where the proprietors are looking to introduce a unique and interesting new firearm — a double-GLOCK SBR. The patent pending concept is to shove two plastic wunderguns into the same housing so that if one gun runs dry, you still have a second one at your […]

Gun Review: CMMG Mk4 3GR

It seems like all of the major firearms manufacturers these days are going after the 3-gun market.And that’s great, since the sport is absolutely booming and the only serious manufacturers making things for 3-gun have been Noveske, Stag, Sampson Mfg and Lancer. But this year at SHOT, a handful of big-name manufacturers decided to take […]

Video: Interview with Ares Armor About ATF Raid

We’ve already talked with Dimitrios Karras, owner of Ares Armor, but it’s always good to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth. In this interview with Reason TV, Dimitrios calmly and clearly discusses exactly what happened with the ATF raid, and exactly how dumb the ATF’s actions were. “To think that this is over […]

On the Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being Safe

Whenever gun control advocates make their pitch for adding still more firearms-restricting laws to the books, there’s one theme that they continually use to wrap their agenda in: safety. They want to make the world a safer place. For the children. And who could be against that? But there’s an important caveat they make about […]