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  1. My daughter rocks pink. Her outdoor gear is pink themed. And if I’d buy it for her her gun would be pink. I gave her a S&W when she moved out, but it wasn’t pink. We have an ongoing debate about when she gets a pink gun. I say when she buys it and she says when I buy it for her. You know who’s going to win this fight, right?

    • My wife told me to tell you that your daughter will win. I said no, then we argued. Your daughter will win.

    • In discussions with the wife-unit should it ever come to pass that you find you’re right, apologize at once.

    • I’m glad I had a boy, their much easier to say no to.

      Just bought a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 so he has something to shoot when we go to the range when he gets older. I’ll enjoy it until then, if and when I can find ammo for it that is.

  2. I started out on an airgun similar to that one. Awesome pic. Won’t be long until she graduates to the AR.

    • I am thinking of getting the pink M&P 15-22 for my daughters when she turns five. That will be her first gun but I figure it can grow with her easier than a cricket or some such and lets her enjoy the fact she has a gun like daddy’s.

  3. Awesome use of a Crosman 760. While I didn’t own one as a kid – some friends did, and I have many fond memories of that 760…

  4. This picture, all by itself, depicts about half a dozen of the top ten things that are great about America. Way to go, Dad, and carry on, young lady!

    • I like this post.

      I like the idea of rocking the kneepads you have.

      My best comment for last; I love this pic! I only had to glance at my door post to see if her gun looked like mine. My Crosman has served me well and I was planning a session with it today but I was too busy :((

  5. Glad to see another young sister of the gun being raised right! Way to go Dad! Shooting is a sport she can enjoy her whole life. It can provide self defense and self confidence.

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