CT 2A Supporters Take to Social Media, Appeal for Help

By CTSheepdog Greetings from The Constitution State, though at times over the past year I have questioned whether that proud name is valid any longer. For those who live outside Connecticut, you may think challenges to our state’s residents’ natural, individual, US and state Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms are something that only […]

Quote of the Day: Civilians Need Not Apply

“In the weeks since that blood-soaked first day of March, police nationwide have stepped up gun training. More armed patrols visit train stations and public squares. Experts call for quicker use of guns in emergencies.” – No Guns, Just Knives: Chilling Details of ‘China’s 9/11’ [at usatoday.com]

.40 S&W: The Perfect Middle Ground – Part 3

By LC Judas While my previous posts on the virtues of the .40 S&W round seemed to stirred the sleeping dragon known as the “pistol caliber wars”, that wasn’t really the intent. And today it’s time to talk about what the .40 Smith & Wesson brought about by the nature of round’s existence. There is […]

Quote of the Day: Cherry On Top Edition

“If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical. But what we’re really worried about is that this will further destroy the momentum for gun control here in California.” – Courage Campaign executive director Paul Song in Gun control advocates: Lawmaker arrest is setback [at yahoo.com] [h/t Harold R.]

Budget Body Armor?

by J.P. Anderson As a guy who loves to save a buck, make things, and generally prove that “I don’t need to buy into your culture of consumption, man,” I’m always on the lookout for new projects. My interest in guns led me to improvised firearms, which inevitable led me to homemade body armor. Really. I […]

Ray from Texas Wins a Kel Tec KSG!

Some of you didn’t appreciate our recent gun giveaways. A few of the daily posts attracted more comments expressing outrage at being affronted with a chance to win a free gun than we’d get under a booth babe shot back in the good bad ol’ days. You know who wasn’t upset by those posts? Ray […]

New From Uncle Mike’s: IWB Tuckable Holster

Are you a concealed carrier who thinks variety is the spice of life? Someone who changes where you tote your mohaska depending on what you’re wearing, or maybe the mood you’re in? One day it’s at 4:00, appendix the next and then you throw in some small-of-the-back just to keep things interesting? That can get […]

Stand Strong Connecticut

Send your STAND STRONG CONNECTICUT photo to guntruth@me.com. We’ll post them on our Facebook album [click here to view.] Please put STAND STRONG in the subject field of your email. You can click here to purchase a Stand Strong Connecticut t-shirt (half of profits go to Connecticut Carry).

CA Senate Leader to Yee: Resign or be Suspended

“Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said he was shocked and sickened by the allegations brought against a member of his caucus Wednesday, saying Sen. Leland Yee has until Friday to resign from office or face certain suspension.” Looks like California’s legislators have as much regard for the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” as they do for Second […]

GRNC Objects to ATF’s Proposed Expansion of “Mental Health Institution” Definition

March 26, 2014 Mr. George M. Fodor Room 6.N-S23, Enforcement Programs and Services Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives U.S. Department of Justice 99 New York Avenue, NE Washington, DC, 20226 Re:             Docket No. ATF 51P GRNC comment on proposed redefinition of “committed to a mental institution” Dear Mr. Fodor: Grass Roots North […]