Gun-Toting Bank Robber Forgets 4 Rules Of Selfie Safety

Image: Facebook/WXYZ-Detroit

1. Treat Every Camera Phone As If It Were On ‘Photo’ Mode.
2. Never Take A Picture Of Anything You Don’t Want The World To See.
3. Do Not Press ‘Share’ Until You Are Ready To Be Embarrassed.
4. Be Aware Of Who You Share Your Picture With, And That *They* Might Share It With Others.

There are only four rules of selfie safety, and they work for everyone from Bieber-crazy pre-teens and hormonally altered teenagers to drunk frat boys and angry co-workers. They would even work for bank robbers, but only if they paid attention.

But 21 year-old Jules Bahler didn’t. He’s just old enough to own a handgun, and he calls himself ‘King Romeo’ on Facebook. Police believe that King Romeo, originally from Brooklyn, NY, moved to the Detroit area and started knocking over banks in a series of brazen daylight robberies.

He allegedly hit two banks in Pontiac and another in Bay City, stealing about $15,000, and used the money to lay down roots in the Detroit area. He even bought a house with some of the stolen money, but his penchant for armed self-portaiture means he won’t get to see it for a while.

He posted a series of selfies like this one on Facebook after the robberies, and the photos led police directly to him. Uzi carbines are rarely used by criminals, and the Uzi design is so famous that even non-gunnies recognize them instantly. As soon as he hit ‘Share’, King Romeo’s days as a free man were numbered.

I don’t usually hand out advice to criminals, but maybe the ubiquitous GLOCK might have been a better choice for him.