SIG SAUER 1911-22 Promotion Too Popular for It’s Own Good

SIG SAUER BOGO gone bad (courtesy

TTAG’s Chris Dumm recently blogged SIG SAUER’s BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotion. Mr. Dumm loved the idea but was less than optimistic about its chances in the marketplace. “Given the current scarcity of .22 long rifle ammo, this otherwise-brilliant promotion might not get the traction SIG is hoping for.” Sorry Chris, you couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s been so successful that SIG has been forced to tell frustrated consumers there ain’t no mo’. What’s more, an email from Commercial VP Bill Silver [after the jump] apologizes on behalf of the corporate mothership for not knowing where the ones that is, is. “SIG’s marketing department must never have heard of ‘Hell hath no fury as a gun owner scorned,” a particularly narked reader writes. The dashed expectations thing may not be that bad, but it’s definitely not good . . . [h/t DB]

To our valued SIG SAUER® Consumers:

As a result of the overwhelming demand for our recent 1911-22 promotion, we are announcing that allocation of these promotional packages has been fully committed. While promotional product will continue to flow into dealer locations throughout February and March, we will no longer be accepting dealer reorders.

SIG SAUER would like to apologize for the confusion that this promotion has created in the marketplace. From the onset this was a limited supply promotion that was only available through participating dealers. Not all 1911’s and 1911-22’s in the marketplace are promotional firearms. Unfortunately, SIG SAUER is unable to identify participating dealers because the majority of the promotional packages were sold to distributors who service the national dealer network. We urge consumers to visit or call local dealers to determine if they are a participating dealer with promotional inventory available.

Again, SIG SAUER apologizes for the confusion that this promotion created and looks forward to continuing to provide the finest firearms available.


Bill Silver
VP Commercial Sales


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43 Responses to SIG SAUER 1911-22 Promotion Too Popular for It’s Own Good

  1. avatarBillF says:

    To quote Rusty Griswold: “Well that just….sucks.”

    • avatarBrian Patterson says:

      You tellum BillyF. Too bad the texas edition wasnt included, I mighta been interested in a 1911 then!

  2. avatarG says:

    Yeah, got this in my email and I can only assume, there must be some miffed gun guys who weren’t able to cash in on the deal…

  3. avatarJeff the Griz says:

    Yikes, I guess that’s what happens when the deal is too good to be true. I wonder how many people are going to get burnt and not receive the .22 1911 even if they went through the proper dealers?

  4. avatarA-Rod says:

    I guess I’ll take my Sig money and go buy a “insert name of any other firearm”.

  5. avatar2hotel9 says:

    OK, so this is why I got an email from Sig. Didn’t open it, figured it was just some more junk mail.

  6. avatarfuque says:

    overpriced paper weights

    • avatarGeoff says:

      #1. Can’t afford an overpriced 1911.
      #2. Can’t find .22LR ammo anyplace.
      #3. Just saved myself $$$$$$.

  7. This quote from Sig is in my opinion a lie. This Sig promotion appears as a pure bait and switch by Sig. Per my call with Sig yesterday, they say this promo ONLY applies to Sig Premier dealers who signed up for the promo at Shot Show and then ONLY applies to limited supplies. If you didn’t go to Shot Show you can’t get the program even if you are a Sig dealer. They then advertised this promo to the general public. Some distributors such as RSR are STILL offering a “buy two get one free” but this does not help the dealer who has a customer who requests the offer after seeing it on Sig’s website. This “offer” IMO is a fraud and a lie. As a mom and pop stocking Sig dealer we got shafted. We are done with Sig.

    • avatarNJDevils72 says:

      This sort of mistake actually happens all the time. Usually because the different departments aren’t double-checking with each other before releasing advertising info.

  8. avatarM.J. says:

    Just got a bass pro flier in the mail yesterday saying buy “any” sig 1911 and get a .22 gonna be a lot of unhappy shoppers at bass pro today.

  9. avatarHaiku Guy says:

    As a happy Sig Sauer Mosquito owner, who views clearing jams and misfeeds as a useful part of practice, I wonder how well this .22LR semi-auto wiil feed. It seems to me it would have similar “features”.

    • avatarbob_barker says:

      I have a 1911-22 and it runs really well with multiple types of ammo a bit more reliable than the M&P 22.

  10. avatarStinkeye says:

    Wait, are you saying that a promotion giving away a free gun was incredibly popular? Who could have predicted such an unlikely outcome?

  11. avatarH.R. says:

    Wahhhh! Wahhhh! Wahhhh!

    This is so horrible! Somebody call the Wambulance! I want my binky!

    Seriously guys, don’t we have bigger concerns in life than SIG running out of a promotional item? A thousand guys are going to be really happy, a thousand more are going to be a little pissed for two weeks, and life will go on for the rest of us.

  12. Do you remember a number of years ago when Red Lobster announced “all you can eat crab legs.”

    The CEO was fired after that incident.

  13. avatarAnmut says:

    What’s a Sig and why would I consider purchasing one of their over priced guns to begin with?

  14. avatarUSNvet says:

    One of my buddies bought 200,000 rounds of 22 LR when the Clinton was elcted and assortment of 7.62 x39 almost 100,000 rounds and is selling them for 6 times more then he paid. Better then gold :)

  15. avatarModel 31 says:

    Surprising…Sig isn’t giving away anymore more guns that use the hardest to find ammo. I guess they had some stock to clear out before paying tax on it -stock they couldn’t move because the ammo is hard to find. I bet this promotion will help that ammo availability.

  16. avatarRalph says:

    Wow. I thought the promo was “buy a SIG 1911 and get 22 SIG 1911s free.” Is my face red.

  17. avatarClay says:

    I for one sent them a nasty gram. I searched High and Low for a participating dealer. Most had no idea what I was talking about. When I finally found a knowledgeable dealer, he wasn’t even on the list of “participating”. I asked SIG about who was what, and they told me AFTER that apology email that they couldn’t tell me who was and wasn’t.
    What a FLUSTER Cluck!

  18. avatarNelson says:

    Dear editor Farago: you meant “…for itS own good,” not “…for it ‘ s own good”…right???

  19. avatarCol. Angus says:

    Admittedly pedantic pet peeve: “BOGO” makes no sense, at least in the intended way. Of *course* if you “buy one” you’re going to “get one.” What they intend to convey is BOGT: Buy One Get Two. Right?

  20. avatarChris Dumm says:

    I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never scorn a BOGO gun deal again, unless it involves Ring Of Fire-manufactured small caliber pocket automatics.

  21. avatarPGT says:

    This *almost* got me to buy a Spartan edition 1911…that finish is bad-ass.

  22. avatarJake F. says:

    I know we were doing this promo at the Academy Sports I work at. We got a load of the .22 Sigs but don’t have the participating .45s right now. We’re waiting to get some in.

  23. avatarTN says:

    So basically when their customers really wanted what they advertised, they pulled the plug and now won’t give it to them.

    Way to go Sig!!!!!

  24. avatarRobert says:

    I ordered through a participating dealer less than a month into a three month promo and won’t end up with my pistol. Pure bait and switch. Done with Sig forever.

  25. avatarDONALD WALFORD says:


  26. avatarSkip McGee says:

    I own most Brands of Gun’s, except Sig Sauer. After seeing this promotion, I thought, this is a good time to find out if the hype about these gun’s was true. After seeing how they do business, i will not only not never purchase their products, I will go out of my way to tell every one I know, how they deceive the public. I will stick with Colt, and leave Sig” Sour ” to the gullible.

  27. avatarChar says:

    Do you really think promos are NOT going to be limited availability? I read the ad, called my local shop who DID have both the 1911 model I wanted and the .22, told them to hold it because I’d be there in an hour. Done deal. Both guns shoot great.

  28. avatarSteve Hawk says:

    Osage County Guns has a TacOps with a free 22 right now even. So angry …grrr…hate…OH, relax they really are available. My 45 has a feed issue though.

  29. avatarRyan Kilday says:

    I walked into our local gun store today to look at some 1911. Ended up walking out with two!!! Thank you Sig.

  30. avatarBrian K says:

    Here’s what happened from our perspective:

    Sig offered the public one offer – one 1911 get a free 1911-22.
    After everyone was hyped up SIG pulled a big bait and switch on the dealers:
    The dealers were offered one free 1911-22 for every TWO 1911′s purchased.

    Everyone was angry-
    Customers angry at stocking dealers for understandably not participating.
    It made no business sense at that point, essentially we’d have to invest in an extra $1000+ pistol for every free pistol given out.
    Dealers angry at wholesalers and SIG for flat out deception.
    Telling the public one thing and giving the dealers an entirely different offer. The information seemed intentionally delayed.

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