SIG SAUER 1911-22 Promotion Too Popular for It’s Own Good

SIG SAUER BOGO gone bad (courtesy

TTAG’s Chris Dumm recently blogged SIG SAUER’s BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotion. Mr. Dumm loved the idea but was less than optimistic about its chances in the marketplace. “Given the current scarcity of .22 long rifle ammo, this otherwise-brilliant promotion might not get the traction SIG is hoping for.” Sorry Chris, you couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s been so successful that SIG has been forced to tell frustrated consumers there ain’t no mo’. What’s more, an email from Commercial VP Bill Silver [after the jump] apologizes on behalf of the corporate mothership for not knowing where the ones that is, is. “SIG’s marketing department must never have heard of ‘Hell hath no fury as a gun owner scorned,” a particularly narked reader writes. The dashed expectations thing may not be that bad, but it’s definitely not good . . . [h/t DB]

To our valued SIG SAUER® Consumers:

As a result of the overwhelming demand for our recent 1911-22 promotion, we are announcing that allocation of these promotional packages has been fully committed. While promotional product will continue to flow into dealer locations throughout February and March, we will no longer be accepting dealer reorders.

SIG SAUER would like to apologize for the confusion that this promotion has created in the marketplace. From the onset this was a limited supply promotion that was only available through participating dealers. Not all 1911’s and 1911-22’s in the marketplace are promotional firearms. Unfortunately, SIG SAUER is unable to identify participating dealers because the majority of the promotional packages were sold to distributors who service the national dealer network. We urge consumers to visit or call local dealers to determine if they are a participating dealer with promotional inventory available.

Again, SIG SAUER apologizes for the confusion that this promotion created and looks forward to continuing to provide the finest firearms available.


Bill Silver
VP Commercial Sales