New From Mossberg: FLEX-22 Rifles

Image courtesy Mossberg

You obviously liked Mossberg’s FLEX modular shotgun. So much so, you selected it for one of last year’s Readers Choice awards as best new scattergun. And we really liked the FLEX-equipped .22LR Plinksters we saw at the SHOT Show. I wondered how long it would be before they hit the shelves. Because a lot of SHOT Show debutantes (*cough* Arsenal Strike One *cough*) take a long time to really come out and dance. Not these rifles, though. They’re already here . . .

Image courtesy Mossberg

Mossberg calls them the FLEX-22 (shown here) and the FLEX-22 Youth (at the top of the post) and they both have free-floated barrels. The Youth model comes with a short FLEX buttstock, grooved receiver scope rail, and a 10-round magazine. The standard model FLEX-22 comes with a shorter barrel, flash hider/muzzle brake, 25-round magazine, removable Picatinny rail, and a 6-position AR-style stock.

Astute readers will notice that I roundly criticized the practice of attaching AR buttstocks to PTR-91s, and I’m not sure how I feel about slapping them onto a version of my very first rifle, a Marlin Glenfield Model 60. But I know I like the FLEX option on these rifles, which lets you fit them perfectly (and cheaply) to the younger shooters in your family.

I’m looking forward to trying one out, even if I have to buy it myself. The MSRP for these rifles is $261 to $275, and the street price should be much cheaper than the 10/.22 Takedown which is its only real competition.