Mayors Against Illegal Guns Deletes Member List from Website

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“The full coalition members roster is no longer posted on the Mayors Against Illegal Guns [MAIG] website,” David Codrea points out at, “and the disappearance happened right after Gun Rights Examiner questioned why Michael Bloomberg was still listed for New York City and pointed out that his successor, Bill de Blasio, had not yet committed to joining the group.” David reckons the removal of the list of MAIG mayors is down to political antagonism. Or simple site maintenance. I reckon MAIG’s finally figured out that it’s not a good idea to maintain an online resource for gun bloggers to check whenever a mayor goes off the rails and, say, kidnaps a man at gunpoint. An event which also coincides with the list’s disappearance. FYI: offers a handy chart of 15 MAIG Mayors gone wild.