GLOCK Hearts Off-Body Carry

So, the GLOCK 42 is a woman’s carry gun. And, we discover, a man’s carry gun too. But I’m wondering about GLOCK’s decision to show the pistol as the right choice for off-body carry. Regular readers will know I consider the perfect gun for off-body carry any gun that’s carried on-body. In other words, if you like your off-body carry you can keep your off-body carry. Period. But I don’t recommend it to anyone, ever. Not even if the bag has a holster compartment (:14). At :30 GLOCK gal emerges from her meeting into the proverbial dark parking garage. While she’s situationally aware, her right hand swings free and her left’s curled around the bag. Aside from the fact that she forgets to pause to scan the environment, I’d like Annie to get her gun in time to attack her attacker(s). At :36 GLOCK gal shows us why off-body carry sucks . . .

She’s engrossed in conversation with a friend. Her bag mit GLOCK sits by her chair, ready for snatching. The subsequent trip to the ATM offers another example of not having the gun good to go. Only this time her right hand goes towards the front of the bag as she approaches the potential bad guy. If she had to draw she’d have to stick her hand in the bag and swing it around, or withdraw the gun backwards. Not ideal. Better to cross the street away from the possible perp?

I’m a little confused about the yoga scene. The gun is clearly locked away, as it should be. As it would be with on-body carry. But why point that out? To tweak those of us who feel a little awkward without gym carry (and not without reason)? To show the model’s curves? Perish the thought!

The ad concludes with GLOCK gal slapping the trigger like a 50’s film noire bad girl slapping a fresh-faced private dick. The final shot shows that GLOCK gal carries her bag with the opening facing backwards, which makes the post-ATM scene even more puzzling. Anyway, “Confidence. It’s what you carry” isn’t exactly true.

Confidence. It’s how you carry. Regardless of the gun or caliber, getting shots on target as quickly as possible is the key factor for winning a gun fight.

And if not that, if a woman’s going to carry a gun in her purse, why not a bigger gun? (As Nathan.B points out in the comments below.) While the debate over a .380’s stopping power continues apace (especially after the recent popcorn murder), purse carry opens-up the possibility of schlepping a more defensible defensive 9mm or above pistol.

It’s a shame GLOCK didn’t show the model carrying the 42 in various places with various holster systems. On-body. In terms of practicality and marketing, please note that faliaphotography’s infamous holsters for women video has racked up over 2m views. And counting. Just sayin’ . . . [h/t GF]