CT: Massive Non-Compliance with “Assault Weapons” and “Large Capacity Magazine” Registration?

(courtesy ct.gov)

“Gun owners in Connecticut registered about 50,000 assault rifles before the Jan. 1 deadline, state public safety officials reported Friday as they drew close to completing the task of processing reams of related paperwork,” ctnewsjunkie.com reports. “That rough estimate comes more than two weeks after the deadline to register banned rifles and ammunition magazines — steps required by last year’s gun control legislation passed in response to the Sandy Hook shooting.” Reader CTsheepdog wonders . . .

“How is that there were 50,000 rifles registered versus less than 40,000 LCM’s [large capacity magazines] declared? Second, how do we reconcile 50,000 rifles against an official state analyst group suggesting over 370,000 rifles back in April 2011? And the same report estimated well over 1 million LCMs in CT back in early 2011. [Click here to read.] Either the Department of Emergency and Public Protections initial hand-count estimate is off by a factor of 10X or more, OR there is MASSIVE noncompliance going on in CT right now.”

In either case, it’s only a matter of time before confiscation begins. Then what?