Daily Digest: Running Scared Edition

Weapons seizure Kanagawa Japan courtesy japandaily.com

Despite the fact that Japan is basically a completely disarmed country, Japanese police seized a bunch of guns and ammunition from a house in Kanagawa Prefecture that they’d received a tip was a yakuza stash house. They found 18 handguns including S&W revolvers and Colt automatic pistols, a “military rifle” and 670 rounds of ammunition. No arrests have been made in connection with the seizure. Read on. . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Bolingbrook, IL, where Bolingbrook High School was placed on a short lockdown after a freshman put a BB gun in the face of his math teacher. He had been asking the teacher for a grade change when he pointed the gun at the teacher point blank. According to the principal, the gun appeared to be a real firearm and the student believed it fired bullets, not BBs. “The student did believe it was real,” he said. The student fled the classroom and was found by school officials hiding in a bathroom with the gun to his neck. The principal talked the kid down, he put the gun down, and was apprehended. The whole incident, including the lockdown, took about six minutes.

Back on the 24th I told you about an Indiana lawmaker proposing a bill, HB 1048, that would allow gun owners to store guns in their vehicles on school campuses. That bill had a vote pending last week, but then it was held over by the Public Policy Committee because of the Purdue University shooting. Tuesday was the last day to move a bill to the full House, and 1048 did not get scheduled, because Rep. Tom Dermody, chair of the Public Policy Committee had second thoughts and decided not to move it forward. Instead, lawmakers attempted to attach an amendment that would have the same effect as 1048 to HB 1005, an unrelated greenhouse gas-related bill. The bill passed out of committee, but was stopped by the House Speaker and the Rules Committee, who stripped the gun amendment from 1005 so that bill could move forward. “I support the language 100 percent in another context,” said Rep. Jerry Torr, R-Carmel, chairman of the Rules Committee. The point of all this that everyone involved in the non-passage of this good law is a Republican.

A retired Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent’s badge and gun were taken from his vehicle as it was parked outside a bar in Lakeland, Florida on Sunday. A rear window was smashed, and the former agent’s badge and GLOCK-brand GLOCK 9mm were taken, along with a briefcase, cash, personal checks, and a driver’s license. Florida law prohibits him from keeping the gun on him while he was in the bar, unless he was on duty.

Two teens in Fitchburg, MA were arrested on drug and gun charges Tuesday morning in a raid carried out by local and state police and federal officials. Fitchburg and state police and members of the BATFE were involved in the raid, which ended with two 19-year-old men arrested. One was charged with possession with intent and unlawful possession of ammunition without a FID card, and the other was also charged with unlawful possession of ammunition without an FID card. The punch line is this: the laws in Massachusetts are working. How can you tell? The second teen, the one only charged with the FID violation, has seven other pending firearm-related charges and this incident violated his pretrial release. So clearly, the laws are having their desired deterrent effect. Right?

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