NY Legal 50 Round AR-15 Magazine, New from FAB Defense


The concept is solid and well established on Ruger 10/22 magazines: couple a whole bunch of them together at the floorplate and rotate the contraption when the mag runs dry. But FAB Defense took things a step further, gluing five 10-round magazines to a central spoke to create a New York-legal 50-round arrangement. Well, as near as we can tell NY legal. I suppose you could do this with 30-round magazines as well, creating a 150-round hub and spoke contraption that would put Surefire’s MAG-100′s to shame. But that might be a little…less than ergonomic. Either way, God bless America and the ingenious bastards who live here. Retail price: $115 with mags included.


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119 Responses to NY Legal 50 Round AR-15 Magazine, New from FAB Defense

  1. avatarTangledThorns says:

    And it works as a cool looking bipod too!! FBHO

  2. avatarJavier says:

    Gotta have one of these, because operating never takes a break.

  3. avatarRoll says:

    FU Cuomo, FU Bloomberg, FU Anti-gun crowd

    • avatarAvid Reader says:

      Don’t forget Chickenpooper!

    • avatarSteve (CT) says:

      FU Malloy, too!!

    • avatarDon Berghuis says:

      You need more than two shots to hit your taret, you aren’t capable enough to be trusted with any kind of gun.

      • Why would you say something dumb like this? Let’s all go to 2-round magazines for everything then!

        • avatarWilliam Burke says:

          I am trying to decide if that’s the stupidest statement I’ve ever read. So far, it is.

      • avatarSaratoga says:

        Don, is this you liking Barack Obama and Michael Moore?


      • avatarJack Corley says:

        It’s people like Don Berghuis that shouldn’t own a gun

        • avatarMarshall says:

          It is people like Don that should not be allowed to Walk and Chew Gum at the same time!!!

      • avatarWalt says:

        Maybe there are multiple targets Socrates.

      • avatarXmystic says:

        Don Berghuis <—- Troll

      • avatarJason says:

        Spoken like someone that hasn’t had anyone shooting back at them It’s easy to hit paper or steel targets on a range. It’s a different story when people are shooting back at you champ.

      • avatargranjero says:

        You’ve obviously never had a “target” shooting back at you, Don. The key is to not just hit the target, but to stop it so it can’t keep shooting. Unlike what you’ve seen in the movies, hitting a person with two bullets doesn’t automatically make them drop in place, lie on the ground, close their eyes, and die instantly (or fall off balconies or any of that other silliness). The only area of the body where a bullet will instantaneously turn someone into a rag doll incapable of firing another round is about the size of a peach pit…and you aren’t going to hit it in two shots if they’re zig-zagging and shooting at you except perhaps by dumb luck.

      • avatarJohn says:

        I have photos from Vietnam, a guy with a backpack of explosives, it took more than a 20 round magazine to get him stopped before he was in range.
        (Yeah he was hopped up on drugs, but you get the idea….)

        Ever hear of the LA riots? Mobs of people looting & killing.
        Or more recently Katrina, again mobs of people looting & killing.
        Ever hear of the Battle of Athens?

        There have been a lot of situations where people needed firepower to defend themselves.

      • avatarMarshall says:

        Keep sitting on the couch Don!! I sincerely hope you do not own a firearm…as you would be dangerous to others around you! It is obvious you know nothing about what you speak. You must be a Liberal Politician!

      • avatarFrank says:

        Don have you ever been in a shoot out? Sounds like the answer is no. A shoot out is NOT like shooting at a paper target that stays in one place. I suggest you learn about adrenalin rush for starters. Also it’s not about just hitting your target. It’s about stopping the threat. The perp has an adrenalin rush going too. No telling what it will take to end the threat.

  4. avatarScot says:

    NY will just define the whole thing as an ‘ammunition feeding device’ (or whatever the specific term is in their silly law.

    • avatarJeremy S says:

      Yeah, I’d say the problem here is right in the title of this post where it is referred to as a magazine. Singular. You only get around the 10-round magazine law if this thing legally counts as multiple, 10-round magazines. If it’s a single “magazine” now, even if made from multiple, 10-round mags, then I don’t think any “loophole” has been exploited.

      • avatarDonS says:

        It’s no more a single magazine than two PMAGs and 12″ of duct tape. But maybe the latter arrangement is covered by the NY unSAFE act?

      • avatarJohn says:

        Easy answer….put a pix up with a rifle on each magazine….5 rifles all connected!
        So you don’t HAVE to switch mags, just rotate rifles…Hhahahhahhahha

    • avatarSkyler says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t bet my freedom from jail on a generous interpretation of the law.

      • avatarDon Berghuis says:

        anyone caught on any street with one of these contraptions out to be locked up as a certifiable crazy.

        • avatarWilliam Burke says:

          Said the anti-2A mole.

          What will you say after the power shift, Berghuis (Dutch: “mountain house”)? That you were with us all the way? Did I get that right, Berghuis?

        • avatarJohn says:

          Mom had me tested…:P

  5. avatarAndrew says:

    Anything that tells the Safe Actors to F.O.A.D. is a good thing in my “book of things”

  6. avatarDonS says:


    30-round PMAGs, Nordic’s 18-round extensions, and this thing. Never mind that it weighs 10 pounds – screw you Colorado legislature.

  7. avatarPedro Of NYC says:


  8. avatarCoe says:

    Funny… I was just thinking about this little loophole a few weeks ago.

  9. avatarJames says:

    I could operate so hard with one of these things!

  10. avatarMike Crognale says:

    Thought that Dictator Cuomo declared the ruling about the 7 rounds invalid. Did I miss something?

    • avatarExcedrine says:

      It doesn’t matter what Dictator Cuomo says in adversity to what the courts rule.

      They will tell him to FOAD or hold him in contempt. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he chose the latter and never gets in trouble for it, either.

  11. avatarJim Scrummy says:

    AWESOME, frickin’ AWESOME! I need one!

    • avatarDon Berghuis says:

      What to you NEED on for? To shoot yourself in the foot or to shoot your mouth off? Certainly don’t need it to show how tough you aren.t.

      • avatarJonathan says:

        I need 2. You’re silly, Don. Nice gimmick.

      • avatarJohn says:

        I’m with you Don, this is just stupid….I’d rather just have a belt feed….NO MAGAZINE AT ALL…hows that for dodging the bullet?? (and the letter of the law) LoL

      • avatarMike James says:

        It’s the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs. Is this helpful?

        Although it’s hard not to notice that this gizmo has the magazines’ open ends exposed.

  12. avatarG says:

    Kind of cool… So you can also make a 150 round mag too? LOL

    • avatarDavidT says:

      I think I’ve seen 40 rounders so why stop at 150, go for the whole 200. Or make it fit the 60 round mags that go to 4 columns and get 300 rounds. No, I don’t want to carry it, but for point defense it might just work.

  13. avatarMMinSC says:

    The revolver and the semi are finally combined!

  14. avatarBillF says:

    Looks cool enough that everyone should have one, but I wouldn’t want to be the first to test its legality in NYS court. Maybe if it wasn’t glued into a single unit.

  15. avatarDonS says:

    I find myself wondering how this is easier, more convenient, or cheaper than just carrying 4 extra mags.

  16. avatarlolinski says:

    Could you use this with 100 round Surefire mags?

    • avatarLC Judas says:

      If you meant to fire only from prone then sure. I don’t know what you’d hit as you’d be sitting in a crater trying to aim from the bottom of a hole but it certainly could be done. It’d be a fun hernia story for sure.

      • avatarlolinski says:

        It would be hard to shoot but you can carry your entire combat load on your rifle. That has to count for something.

  17. avatarSH says:

    For effect, they should have displayed that monstrosity on this monstrosity: http://siterepository.s3.amazonaws.com/2675/stock_for_flier.jpg

    • avatarDavid says:

      NY compliant Storm Trooper Carbine! (Use the force Luke) I actually have this set up. No registration and no jail time :)

  18. avatarJim Jones says:

    I love this so much. Keep at it antis. Keep at it.

  19. avatarWilliam Burke says:

    That’s HILARIOUS! Oh, and I doubt they’re “glued” to the hub, literally speaking. Probably an electrostatic weld. I wouldn’t plan on ever cleaning the mags, though.

    No, come to think of it, I bet you can. The floor plate stays attached to the hub, is all.

    • avatarCliff H says:

      Seems like if they re-resign the floorplates so that the mags snap into place on the hub and each can be separately removed this could be a winner. No way New York could call it a 50 round mag when all it would be is a fastening device to hold five 10 round mags.

      It would suck if you dropped it during a reload, though.

  20. avatarover-educated economist says:

    FAB Defense is Israeli… so, uh, G-d bless Israel.

  21. avataruncommon_sense says:

    It’s pretty sad when you realize that two standard capacity 30 round magazines taped together (with one facing “up” and the other facing “down”) is much more practical, less expensive, and actually contains 10 more rounds that this thing.

    Note: I am not knocking this 50 round magazine, only the law in New York and other states with their silly and arbitrary limits.

    • avatarlolinski says:

      From personal experience I would recommend putting a small piece of plywood between so that both mags point up. That way when shooting prone you wont dirty up the other mag.

    • avatarint19h says:

      With AR mags, isn’t it actually better to have both facing up, and a coupler that spaces them out just far enough that you can insert one in the mag well? That way, you don’t have to turn the whole contraption around when reloading, just pull it down, sideways then back up. And Magpul sells just such a coupler for PMAGs – and FAB guys sell some generic ones.

  22. avatarJethro says:

    Except the NY limit is 7 in the mag.

    • avatarColin says:

      No it’s not. It was just appealed and the appeal stood.

      • avatarRalph says:

        Not exactly, Colin. A Federal district court in Buffalo struck down the 7-round loading limit while upholding most of the SAFE Act. That opinion is not binding on any other district.

        Both sides are appealing to the Second Circuit. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a favorable outcome from one of the worst Circuit courts for 2A rights.

    • avatarDrew says:

      It was appealed and repealed, plus the law was 10 round mags loaded with just 7 rounds.

    • avatarMarshall says:

      A NY court has thrown out the 7 Round Limit as Arbitrary and some other legal stuff. I think it is back to the 10 Round limit due to the NY 10 Round Mag law.

      Still…this is a pretty kool setup for a communist state like New York. Fab-Defense makes some pretty kool stuff. Have their rail mount Ergo Pointing Grip on two of my AR’s.

  23. avatarDr. Kenneth Noisewater says:
  24. avatarRambeast says:

    The way Shoemomoold passes legislature, I doubt this thing will survive long in NYS. Hell, with the judges they have, I doubt it will pass a day in court.

  25. avatarKingSarc48265 says:

    I think FAB Defense needs to keep a better eye on their design department. They must be playing Borderlands 2 constantly.

  26. avatarNoishkel says:

    Hah! This is both horrible and awesome…

  27. avatarMiketheHopsFarmer says:

    Perhaps they could get George Lucas to endorse it and call it the ‘Death Star’?

  28. avatarWI Patriot says:

    Interesting…I’m not so sure that I’d want to utilize this as a “bipod”, don’t really wish to run dirt, sand, etc through my rifle…

  29. avatarPNG says:

    I hope those mags aren’t “glued” to the hub, else it might pass for a unified mag in Cuomostan.

  30. avatarJustin_GA says:

    I love this product! It’s the ultimate GFY SAFE act product! Awesome!

  31. avatarWRH says:


    These work nicely in Canuckistan and look much nicer than this snag-o-matic 50-rounder.

  32. avatarTheSleeperHasAwakened says:

    I love it for the sheer FOAD factor to the SAFE Act.

  33. avatarBillC says:

    I’m viewing on my phone, so it supplied a loud laugh from the title to the pic, in the good way.

  34. avatarExcedrine says:

    “Either way, God bless America and the ingenious bastards who live here.”


  35. This is a joke, right? Right?

  36. avatarDanny says:

    Oh god, I need to see 5 ARs attached to this thing.

  37. avatargorman says:

    Any one that continues to live there is a moron. Why would u choose to live in a state like this?

    • avatarkhelker81 says:

      Excuse me but not everyone can just uproot their families and move away, as much as we may want to, there are other things to consider besides our commie leadership here.

      • avatarWilliam Burke says:

        You’re supposed to be the captain of your own ship. Not to put too fine a point on it, but when you live under spreading tyranny, it’s time to step up, maybe, and say, “it’s time for us to leave; we’re going while the gettin’s good! Now who’s with me?”

        • That or stand up and push back like they are doing in CO. Did you see the photos of the gun registration lines in CT? What could have happened if they all just said, “No way!” and no one showed up to register their guns?

        • avatarWilliam Burke says:

          Or that, which seems much less likely. Realistically. Like a thief in the night, someone has come and stolen our national cojones.

    • avatarkhelker81 says:

      And just because our state is run by morons doesn’t make all of us that are stuck here the morons. I actually took offense to that, as sometimes we have to play the hand we are dealt. Personally if I were to pack up the kids and leave state I would never see my daughter again, and is that worth it when all we have to do is not comply? Think I’m registering anything?!?! Lmao yeah right

      • avatarWilliam Burke says:

        “And just because our state is run by morons doesn’t make all of us that are stuck here the morons.”

        No, it doesn’t make you the morons. What it does make you is gluttons for punishment.

        It’s akin to going back to a restaurant where the staff treats you like a leper, each and every time. Yet you keep going back, because the food got a “good” rating in the stupid, lying newspaper.

        YOU are the judge; YOU must decide what’s right. Nobody else but you.

        • avatarkhelker81 says:

          My family comes first, period. Is it worth disowning a child just to have bigger mags? I think not. Everyone’s situation is different, but I’m not overly concerned with a law that is unconstitutional anyway lol. F em

      • And what will happen in the liberal states when ALL the conservatives leave, and there is no one to stand against them? These states don’t only affect themselves, they influence the rest of the country.

        • avatarWilliam Burke says:

          They will have a tax deficit, for one thing. People are allowed to walk away from situations they correctly perceive as unwinnable. Their energies may be better spent elsewhere.

          I have never suggested that anyone leave the country, based upon the same premises. Sometimes one has to do what one has to do. There is a final battle to be fought, but some places are already not advantageous places from which to stage the battle.

          If you are suggesting they lack courage because they relocated, I think you are wrong about that.

  38. avatarEllis says:

    Where can i get one?

  39. avatarUSNvet says:

    NYC sent uniformed police to let me knw my Ruger 10/ 22 is not an assault weapon according the the scumbag Mike Bloomberg. I had to contact Ruger and buy a 5 round clip

    Total NAZI minded people in the state of NY especailly in NYC where Mrs Clintn even called NYC plice murders

  40. avatarlooking closely says:

    This star thing is a gag. . .its too bulky for practical use. How the hell are you going to carry that monstrosity? Already available devices that hold limited capacity magazines side-to-side or up-and-down (including the “mag wedge”) effectively do the same thing, only better.

    On living in NY, while I wouldn’t wish that on anyone (including my relatives who do live there), in this economy, if that’s where your job is you may well be stuck. Ridiculously high taxes and unconstitutional gun laws are still (marginally) better than unemployment, right?

    Just worth mentioning (again) that for most full sized modern centerfire semi-automatic handguns, the REDUCED capacity magazines hold 10 rounds, and there is literally NO SUCH THING as a 7 round magazine. So in practice, laws that ban magazines that hold more than 7 rounds effectively prohibit modern repeating centerfire service pistols.

    • avatarUnlucky Eddy says:

      I feel sorry for your relatives in New York…

      This thing is too impractical, with its hard edges that can catch on everything.

      As for the 7 round law there, I have no problem with my Colt 1911. she may not be as accurate as most modern versions but I know that she will get the job done, having done so for my grandfather in WWII for whatever soldier held her during WWI.

    • This thing is VERY practical for its intended purpose. It is the most effective ban-state-legal magazine system for inflicting heart attacks, drooling, and incomprehensible blithering in anti-gun politicians.

      • avatarWilliam Burke says:

        “How the hell are you going to carry that monstrosity?”

        Oh, I dunno; over their shoulder? I don’t think anyone should assume it’s right for everyone. If it fits your needs, you can buy one. If not, don’t.

  41. avatarFBHO says:

    Keep trying to ban them Bloomberg and Fienswine.
    We will keep making and buying them.

  42. avatarBo says:

    Um… There is nothing not “ergonomic” about those magazines. Unwieldy? Sure. Heavy? Definitely.

    Is it causing you a repetitive strain injury?


    Then “ergonomics” has nothing to do with it.

    The word is misused more than “tactical” in the gun world.

  43. avatarShawn says:

    If this was done with 30 rounders, it would weigh a whole lot. My “F the Antis” rig is a pair of PMAG 40s, both with the Taccom +5 floorplate, coupled with a maglink. 90 rounds on demand. It makes for a heavy setup. The company should make a 2, 3 and 4 sided version of the central hub to go along with the 5, so you can choose how many mags to link in such a way. If I were in a state with a 20 round capacity law, 3 or 4 20s linked would be great. 2 20s would be about the same size as the existing PMAG 40, and be rather practical.

    My favorite mags to use are PMAG 20s, personally. One box of ammo, one mag. Does not cause problems shooting from prone and allows you to stay on the trigger for a decent amount of time. It makes sense to me at the range. That said, if I were running into a firefight, I’d want all the ammo in the world.

  44. avatarScott Anderson says:

    This is Great! There is something to be said about American Exceptionalism!

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